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Special residency program by Arteles

For poets, writers and text-based artists

When: 1 month periods in October and November 2015

Application round is closed
Deadline for applications was: 28th Feb 2015

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A special residency program for all fields of literature and text-based art. Fiction writing, visual/sound/trad. poetry, graphic novels, code art, calligraphy, typography… All to be equally greeted with joy & creativity in Finland with other enthusiastic, international text artists & writers.

Silent nature & solitude

Surrounded by beautiful forests, fields and lakes, Arteles Residency provides the perfect setting for intense writing and mindplay close to the nature. The same award-winning landscapes (European Union Landscape Award 2009) have also been an inspiration for F. E. Sillanpää, the Nobel Prize winning author born and raised in the region.

The predefined structure of the program is very flexible, allowing you all the time & space you need in order to take your work where it wants to go. Weekly group meetings are a good chance for feedback and discussions, but if you feel more like barricading in your writer’s chamber, you are completely free to do so, as all participation is 100 % voluntary.

Experiment freely

To accompany the intensive solo practice, the program is an excellent opportunity to join forces with other text-based creatives from around the world. Share, examine, go cross-genre – play around and see what comes out. Brainstorms to be finished in the heat of the traditional Finnish sauna.

The residency program includes:

For working :

For everyday life:

  • Private single/double bedroom (incl. towels and bedlinen)
  • Breakfast: Wide range of breakfast supplies* provided, to be enjoyed whenever it is morning for you
    *coffee, tea, juice, milk, bread, cheese, fruits/berries, vegetables, eggs, muesli, cereals
  • Fully equipped shared kitchen facilities
  • 24 h access to traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • 24 h access to residency car for getting around the region
  • Pick-up service for arrivals and departures read more
  • Wi-Fi connection in all spaces
  • Laundry facilities
  • Pure nature and silence

Program fees

1460 €/ month for 1 person: single room + studio space
2320 €/ month for 2 persons: double room + studio spaces

The fees include the deposit fee (120 €/ month/ person - non-refundable)

Resident's short term guests: 50 €/ night

How to apply

In the selection process an emphasis is put on the applicant´s ideas & approach. We are looking for creative minds from various fields of literature and text-based art. If you are applying as a duo/couple, filling one application is enough - in this case, include information on both applicants in the same form.

We are also open for 'work in progress' approaches as we understand that creative processes are in constant flux and live along the way.

To apply to residency you need to

1. Read the terms and conditions of Arteles Creative Center
2. Fill out and submit the following application form:
(if your browser does not support the application form below, please contact info@arteles.org and we send the application form to you.)

Application round is closed

If you need any help or more information, contact: info[at]arteles.org

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