Arteles outdoors

A barn situated in the campus that is reserved for heavy materials and outside working. It is a good space to construct objects, get dirty and use machinery. At wintertime working there can be a chilly experience which might modify your general opinion about toughness. There are also two new guest rooms, which can be used by temporary guests during the summer season.

Environmental Art Space
The artists have the possibility to realize outdoor sculptures, installations, or simply test out ideas in the middle of the shaped landscapes.


Finland = Forests. ...and lakes. The nearest path through a forest starts straight from the yard. Many artists have found the place, its soundscape, livelyness and atmosphere so inspiring that it will become part of their work one way or the other.

Northern day & night
The four seasons that rhythm the circle of the year in Finland are very different from each other and give specialty for each month of the year.

Winter is monotone: snowy, calm, dark, very still/silent. Brilliant for seeing all the stars and the milkyway. ..even the northern lights if you get lucky.
Summer in contrary is more vibrant with movement, life, light and green nature.
Autumn is rich with colors in the beginning and raw and unfreigned just before the winter. The dark stary sky and UFOs are already out there.
Spring is the time of change and light - You see the nature and the Finnish people waking up from their cryosleep.

Hämeenkyrö is awarded for its landscapes and its authentic spirit. There the visitor can sense real traditional Finnish atmosphere, get to know the rich green forests and swim in the lakes. There are several nature trails and hiking possibilities nearby such as Seitseminen National Park and Helvetinjärvi (Hell's Lake).

Wild animals, berries, mushrooms & pure water

Finnish forests are kind with wild animals such as moose, foxes, deers, owls, lynx, rabbits, ravens & other birds. It is possible to spot even a wolf or a bear, but that is very rare as mostly they stay away from humans. The northern part of Finland is full of reindeers, and Santa Claus lives there too.

Finnish forests are the nutritional heaven for visitors who like picking bilberries, raspberries, strawberries, cloudberries, mushrooms, herbs and thousands of other elements that give Finnish people their health. The Finnish water resources are clean, tasty and very drinkable - the tab water is even more pure than normal bottled one. Article about Finnish water

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