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Arteles Creative Center runs annually 3–4 residency programs, welcoming over 130 selected artists per year. Our residency programs bring together creative minds & professionals from all over the world, from all fields of creativity.

The residency programs take place at Arteles Creative Center, in the beautiful landscapes of Hämeenkyrö, Finland. We host 11–14 artists per month, in carefully selected multi-discipilinary groups. The residency periods last 1 or 2 months. Program details vary depending on the program.

Freedom for creativity

The main value of Arteles is to give freedom for creativity. We provide our artists an inspiring and supportive environment, with no stress or pressure coming from the outside. We embrace long-term progress, personal growth and mindfulness, and therefore our focus is in the artist and their individual aims and being, not only in production and career.

Our facilities, staff and wide selection of creative equipment & gear support the artists' individual ways of working. We understand that creative process is always in a state of flux, and we encourage taking things bravely beyond the conventional – out of the box.

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Summer/Fall 2017
in Finland

Welcome to one of the largest, liveliest and most international residency centers in Finland and Scandinavia

For artists & creative professionals from the fields of
Visual Arts | Photography | New Media | Sound Art | Music
Design | Performing Arts | Literature | Research

1 or 2 months
July / August / September / October 2017
Application round is closed
(Deadline was 12th of January 2017)


Silence Awareness Existence

Special theme residency program

Periods: 1 or 2 months
When: Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

Application round is closed

Back to Basics

Intensive residency program

Periods: 1 month
April-June 2017

Application round is closed
(Deadline was 30th Sept 2016)


Enter Text

Call for poets, writers &
text-based artists

1 month
When: October and November 2015

Application round is closed

Neo Future

Special theme residency program for artists & creators of the future

Periods: 1 or 2 months
When: March / April / May 2016

Application round is closed

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