Arteles Short Term Residency

Neo Future theme residency program

Alison Taylor & Sabine LeBel
Toronto, Canada

Video, Sound, Words

Sabine LeBel and Alison Taylor have been collaborating for over fifteen years making short videos that tell stories while challenging narrative form. Visual fragments, sketchy animations, voiceover, found-object costumes and props, and densely woven images and sounds, all work for an aesthetic that tends to be low-fi and non-linear with multi-layered soundscapes as counterpoint. The stories we tell often deal with queer themes and difficult emotions: alienation, revenge, loss, anxiety, and remorse. We like to work with soundscapes and landscapes, and use ‘obsolete’ technologies to capture sounds and images. Wild animals roam our cities, and feral humans scavenge in a world without oil.
Tyler Vipond
Toronto, Canada

2D, 3D, Digital


Tyler Vipond is a Toronto based artist working primarily in sculpture, collage, and digital mediums, including code and imaging. Much of his work is concerned with simulacra, impressions, or re-imaginings of common objects and scenes. These objects may include anything from sticks and stones to message-board avatars and post-cards of dream vacations. They are explorations of a moment within which anything can be a stand-in for anything else, icons are divorced from their origins by time, and the end of a thing is brought on by it's own double.

Tyler graduated with a BFA from the Ontario College of Art & Design in 2008 and completed his MA Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martin's in 2011.
Anna Hoetjes
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Film, Performance, Installation


The eye, the screen and the camera lens play an important role in my work. I look at the relationship between the human body, digital perception and collectivity. Lately I’m exploring narrative fiction and technology as a mediator between the human body and ‘the outside’. Looking is increasingly outsourced to machines; augmented reality and virtual reality become more and more important when registering our surroundings. I like to juggle with the different definitions of reality and the multiple perspectives that this causes.

My projects try to capture the moment that utopia and dystopia simultaneously exist within a system. Who determines how we see things and how we shape our own identity? How is the collective represented? How does our own body relate to this collective? And how do our own decisions and that of society merge?

Gabe Michael Kenney
Columbus, OH, USA

Installation, Performance, Printmaking


"Happiness is a choice. If you don't like what you are looking at, change the way you look at it."

Hailing from the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania and currently residing and working out of Columbus, Ohio, I am an visual artist, cosmological researcher and social activist. As a young man hungry for adventure, I pursued my BFA at Western State Colorado University. There, I specialized in traditional printmaking and formal aesthetic theory, while exploring the wild, wild, west. Years later, I returned to school seeking my MFA at Pennsylvania State University. Here, I focused more on conceptual and contemporary art theory and practice, while still obtaining a strong emphasis in printmaking. Since then, I developed a framework that demonstrates arts true power to incite sociopolitical awareness and advocate positive global reform in a provocative, yet slightly entertaining manner. Currently, the work has evolved into an eclectic hybrid of printmaking, installation, performance and mixed media. During an exhibition or public viewing, the work becomes a didactic presentation of abstract ideologies embedded in historical research. By challenging audiences to focus and engage in critical thinking, I create an extraordinary opportunity for discoveries to be made. My work consistently questions the intellectual power source, how do we interpret information and where does it come from? Who are we as a race, where are we in the vastness of space, and what are we doing here?
Sofía Córdova
Carolina, Puerto Rico

Video, Installation, Performance


Sofía Córdova (b.1985 Carolina, Puerto Rico) is an artist focusing on states of unbelonging and in betweenness .

Originally, her practice looked at dance music and colonialism as both relate to the creation of identity, specifically for those that are product of Caribbean Diaspora through the performance and installation work, Baby, Remember My Name. Currently, she is creating a work which asks how life might play out for humankind, specifically for those in the margins, 1000 years from now through a cross-platform piece involving 8mm film, music, video and live performance, photography, painting and installation. This work imagines a world where our current social structures - racial and gender hierarchies, the environment vis-à-vis technological and capitalist society - have been radically upended. The landscape of this future world provides both a site for considering new realities while serving as a distorted lens aimed at our present.

Córdova received her BFA from St. John’s University in Queens, NY in 2006, and her MFA from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco in 2010. She also completed the one year certificate program at the International Center for Photography in New York in 2006. She has performed at SFMOMA, SOMArts and Galeria De La Raza among others. Her work has been exhibited at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, AMOA/Art House, Southern Exposure, The International Center of Photography as well as other venues internationally. She was awarded the 2014-2015 Kala Fellowship and has recently participated in a residency at the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco. Her work will be the subject of a solo exhibition at the Rochester Art Center in the Spring of 2017 and is part of Pier 24’s permanent collection.
Chor Guan NG
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Creator, Music composer, Noise maker


"I am a composer, sound designer, thereminist, improviser, and cyclist and I create art projects that begin from sound and progresses into art."

I am a composer, sound designer, thereminist, improviser, and cyclist and I create art projects that begin from sound and progresses into art. My work is diverse: they are improvisational and multidisciplinary projects that center on performance; they engage with issues of time and place and are my attempts at archiving the contemporary world from an artist’ perspective. As an artist deeply interested in the future, my work is often one that interrogates categorical concepts in performing arts while sparking conversations about change and being agents of change.
Christopher Allman
Chicago, USA

Sculpture, Costumes, Performance


"Scientific Mysticism"

Born in raised in Utah as a devout Mormon, I left the faith in my early 20's, moved to Washington State and graduated from The Evergreen State College, where I studied art, religion and Philosophy. I then came to Chicago to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, earning an Mfa in Ceramics.

I like books, walking, thinking, solitude, friendship, drinking tea, growing flowers & herbs, science, sci-fi and mysticism. As an artist I seek to explore the intersections of spirituality and science/technology.
Eva Davidova
Bulgaria / Spain / New York

New media, Performance, Photography


"What does the brain do when it doesn't fabricate behavior?"
- Zhivka Baltadzhieva

Somehow I know that the space, and the circular time around, are exactly as our viscera are. War What if we are the games our children will program some day? How technology and psychology are converging? Manipulation, yielding, contempt and propaganda. war for profit I am sticking my fingers in the flesh of utopia. Pursuing political action through displacement of the awareness' entry-point; through fantasy and the explosion of technology’s ""possibles"". I think of data as a clear sign, and a trigger, of the permeability of the material world. A space can become a person and, in a sense, give their information away. Maybe also a download of “us” is happening, and erasure.

Nabokov talks about the intent of deception as an instrument for the coercive. Being undeniably manipulated, I am interested in using manipulation back—taking behaviors out of context and creating a new, paradoxical sense of the being. I don’t try to explain, to comment, or discuss, but to capture forces in their unuttered state, and make them “act”.

Eva Davidova is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Her work has been shown at museums, private galleries and public spaces in New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Oporto, Sofia and many others. She is recipient of international awards and fellowships in the US and Europe. Her recent institutional solo exhibitions were at the Contemporary Arts Center La Regenta in Tenerife, and the Urban Video Project at The Everson Museum Facade, Syracuse, NY.
Sid Branca
Chicago, USA

Video, Sound, Performance


"A multimedia performer"

I am an artist, writer, and performer based in Chicago and Los Angeles. My pastiche-driven practice blends contemporary pop culture, classical literature, and speculative autobiography in projects using performance, video, sound, text, and new media. I am especially interested in the ways in which technology and mass media teach us to view ourselves and each other.

I often focus on celebrity worship, the ubiquity of technology, the cult(ures) of the Internet, and how these impact our experience of the human body, the physical world, and our sense of self. In exploring these, I then blend in elements of classical literature, with a particular affinity for the tragedies of ancient Greece. I draw out parallels across my varied sources related to issues of gender, ability, mental illness, and the encouragement and exploitation of destructive behavior. Within this mixture, I try on different performative personas and write imagined futures for myself, ranging from the fantastic to the tragic to the mundane.
Charlie Donaldson
Brisbane, Australia

Collage, Painting, Post-internet


My practice is interested in the relationship between online systems of association and the role of magical thinking within our current cultural climate. The intersection of magical thinking and associative systems form the framework of my research manifested as collage- and installation-based practice. Magical thinking allows the connections formed in archival collage to become entangled in empirical histories and imagined narratives. The information we glean from images is underpinned by our engagement with images being increasingly defined by their ability to connect with each other. My aim is to explore how I can take control of these associative systems to reveal something hidden about our world.
Nicole Killian
Richmond, USA

Design, Video, Writing


Nicole Killian was born the year the first cd player was sold in Japan. Her work uses graphic design, publishing, photography, video, sculpture and installation in various combinations to investigate how the structures of the internet, mobile messaging, and shared online platforms affect contemporary interaction and shape cultural identity from a queer, feminist perspective. She is interested in the repetition, looping, and dissemination of content.

Utilizing default digital tools, understood but twisted formats and pop cultural tropes, the work hopes to point to the capitalist structures, stereotypes and systems we navigate on a daily basis in order to band together and find like-minded individuals. There is power in the community, in finding a pack to run with. She is interested in the multitude of approaches women that run in packs — specifically tumblr girls, queers, cyborgs and witches — as a way to take up space and make space for themselves in systems that were not necessarily built with them in mind.
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