Arteles Short Term Residency

Arteles Creative Residency Program

Sung Eun Chin
Seoul, South Korea

Video, installation, art writing

"in between"

Sung Eun Chin’s work discusses about the way of seeing, perceiving, and imagining. Her interest is focused on how individuals can preserve their own subjectivity regardless of the flow of information that surrounds them or is given to them. As a methodology to approach her subject matter, Sung Eun usually writes a short story -often a sort of myth- which then she depicts through graphic novel frames. Graphic novels are built only by fragmentary stills of a story and  readers through their interpretation correlate them. Sung Eun intends to emancipate these narratives from the linearity of the story through her incorporation of mixed aesthetics and media. Recently she works on merging those elements into video work to embed psychology of digital time in this subject.
Kourosh Ghamsari-Esfahani
Toronto, Canada

Composition, improvisation, violin


Kourosh Ghamsari-Esfahani completed his B. Mus. in Violin Performance and Contemporary Music at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he was awarded a Music Faculty Scholarship as well as the Terrence and Janet Levesque Music Composition Award. Born in Karaj, Iran, he immigrated to Canada with his family in 2000. He enjoys an active career as a contemporary violinist and composer across Canada; his violin-viola duet “Masks” was premiered by NUMUS, one of Canada's leading new music organisations. He has also presented at PDA Projects Art Gallery in Ottawa, the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, and the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab. Kourosh's current projects explore the intersections of solo improvisations and electro-acoustic design.
Sarah Clarke
Melbourne, Australia

Writing, devising


Sarah Clarke is a writer, actor and theatre maker based in Melbourne, Australia. She is a co-founder of theatre company Second Breakfast with whom she writes, acts and produces. Sarah became interested in performing from a young age, devising music and dance concerts at home with her brother and cousins. Storytelling has developed into a long-term passion, as Sarah begins to find her voice as a writer.

Her first play, Semi Charmed, premiered at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival.
She graduated from the full time program at the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia in 2014 and from Southbank Institute of Technology’s full time acting program in 2012 with an Advanced Diploma Arts (Acting). She is a waitress, a drama teacher, an actor, a writer, a sister, a daughter, a lover, and a friend, and she has stories to tell.

Paul Lozano
Guadalajara, México

Painting, installation


My work has a critical view on the environmental, social and political issues. Often makes references to environmental issues, construction and destruction of landscapes.

Use a variety of materials and processes to produce the pieces, from traditional techniques such as oil on canvas or wood, from intervening in the woods, or collect pieces of forests to intervene them and take them to the gallery or museum. In installations create a space to play with the public view.

"I am interested in creating arising after destruction, and likewise analogy, I'm interested in how something beautiful gradually degenerates into a horrible, horrible thing and how mutating step is transformed into something beautiful."
Kathy Moss
Beacon, USA

Drawing, painting


I use botanicals as archetypes in my work. This emanates from my regard for the natural world which is beautiful and my concern about the marginalization of and degradation of nature. I use these objects as subject matter, in silhouette. I have turned them- flowers, seed pods, skeletons of pine cones, thistles into icons. The motifs are beards; they stand in for figures, or landscape, or their arrangement a poetic depiction of the internal self. In the early 1990s I began to evolve a language of signs, and a way of painting and mark making specific to those signs. I was aware of the suggestiveness of, and psychological meaning attached to some flowers. They are ambiguous, mysterious, a way to get to the paint. This is the text and the subtext of my work. Influenced by work as a surface designer I have come to see repetition as a type of abstract structure; one which infers less linear narrative even as a narrative is added by the inferred denial of it. I imply pattern as a way of giving meaning- suggesting a rhythm, and then breaking that rhythm. The forms are somewhat silhouetted; I am interested in the edge, dark on light, and its stark effect of push and pull, the situation of figure on ground. Color is subtle, implicitly referential. I think of my work as situational haiku: a rare, tightly held moment. Ultimately the works must succeed formally, hold the surface, have a discreet narrative, and be beautiful.
Natalie Field
Johannesburg, South Africa

Photography, digital-Manipulation


"We are stardust"

Natalie Field is a creative image-maker with a B.Tech Degree in Photography from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Port Elizabeth, South Africa). Known for her digital artworks created from deconstructed photographs, Field’s latest interest lies with the spontaneity of in-camera effects. Through her art she explores concepts around consciousness, our connection with nature and the transmigration of the soul; imploring viewers to reflect upon their own humanity.

Field first started exploring ORGANIC MORPHOLOGY and TRANSFORMATION in the series “Breathe in… Breathe out… Let the human in…” (2015), adding natural elements from the ocean to point towards evolution and the ever-evolving state of the human existence.

“Consider the human being as a part of the Universe. We are star dust. All matter made up of the very same protons, neutrons and electrons. In fact, you can even picture the atom as a miniature Solar System, with the nucleus playing the role of a Sun orbited by electrons as planets. The pattern of these atoms are repeated within and without the human form, stretching through the very fabric of space-time.”

At a time when we have become detached from the environment and similarly from our individual humanity and community, Field hopes to confront our idea of self, and our place in the natural world.
Sonia Toneu
Barcelona, Spain

Painting, photography


"Sounds to my eyes."

Music to my eyes: thus operate sound of Sonia Toneu maps. Are paintings, no doubt; colourful, too; and are equipped with a musicality symbolic. The fruit turn ideas into an imaginary and that imagination in works in which each element, each stroke is an instrument in an orchestra that refines, interprets, improvises and performs. The chaos is back order in the land of the color. The set seems to live in a score plastic. Many laws come in play during this translation of the sound to the image: a result frankly seductive. Depends on each let be conquered by these songs of siren.
Sarah Rapp
New York, USA

Design, technology, screenwriting

Sarah Rapp graduated with a B.A. in Film Studies from Barnard College in New York City. For the past seven years, she has worked as the Head of Community at Behance, a platform that over eight million creative professionals use to showcase their visual art online. She believes in the power of design-thinking and technology both to impact our lives for the better and solve some of the toughest problems we face today. Sarah is currently exploring her own creative projects, including Screenwriting, and working at the intersection of design, technology, and social impact.
Adam Wilson
New York, USA



Adam Wilson is the author of the novel Flatscreen, and the collection of short stories, What's Important Is Feeling. His short fiction has appeared in The Paris Review, Tin House, VICE, and The Best American Short Stories, among many other publications. He is a recipient of the Terry Southern Prize, as well as fellowships from the James Merrill Foundation and the Aspen Institute. He teaches creative writing at Columbia University and NYU, and is currently working to complete a novel that explores a diverse array of topics including Social Media, International Finance, and Hip-Hop.
Claire Burnett
Aberdeen, Scotland

Photography, installation


"Claire Burnett, Scottish environmental photographer"

Graduated this year with a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice. My practice is photography based and I use it as a means of observing and honouring nature. The majority of my photographs are of naturally found forms: plants, light reflecting water, shadow pattern. Anything wild that catches my eye, especially the small details. I have a keen interest in environmental issues and believe that art can be a means of gently spreading a message. Therefore, I also bring aspects of humankind into my work. The comparison and contrast between man-made and wild landscapes. Working with humanity in mind, poetically exploring our relationship with the environment. Our attempted control over nature, and the durability that it shows in return.
Sara Campo
Paris, France

Image, painting, drawing

"Creation is a way to say the unspeakable"

Sara Campo likes to invent her own poetical/alternative techniques to create images. Through minimalist and quite simple actions, she tries to make an experience of image, and to propose others meanings or new circulations to the reading. She likes to consider her creations like a static journey, seated at her desk but at the same time far away from it. Re-reading an image is a way for her to be connected to her interior life, to be in introspection. The deconstruction is an tentative attempt to show how things can take a different form, how a story can be told in another way. It is an art of unfinishement with the research of an unfixed form. This research is linked to her background and to all the processes and possibilities of printmaking, which she studied when she was younger. Her foreign origins and an "elsewhere heritage" also feeds her reflection.
Canneo Canul
San Jose, USA

Visual arts, painting


"La lucha nunca muere"

Boston University, Masters of Fine Art, 2016.

University of California, Davis B.A Philosophy of Language and Critical Theory, 2013.

My work is a focus on the Chicano experience.

Through my work I endeavour to engage majority culture, as my work offers cultural criticisms in an effort to decolonize and re-indigenize the Americas.

I do so as I feel that it is important for all indigenous people and cultures to combat all systematic forms of oppression, oppressive governments, and ruling classes-in an effort to reclaim our common heritages and achieve true ethnic and economic equality.

Awards and Recognition:

Esther B. and Albert S. Kahn Award
(Nominated, 2016).
Dedalus Foundation MFA Fellowship in Painting and Sculpture (Nominated, 2016).
Constantin Alajalov Memorial Scholarship (Boston University, 2014-2016).
Joseph Ablow Memorial Prize in Painting (Boston University, 2015).
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