Arteles Short Term Residency

Silence Awareness Existence program

Amy Bernstein
Portland, USA

Painting, writing


Color and shape are powerful manipulators of the way we think and feel, creating a myriad of associations through the experience of geography, time, and culture. The use of color or lack thereof has come to represent quality, sophistication, sub cultures, and religion. What is the determining factor that infuses color with its respective connotations? Is it context or the way in which it is used, combined and contrasted against itself in certain recipes which determine meaning and influence? Is this simply the result of cultural habit or something inherent in the colors themselves?

These questions intrigue me endlessly. I keep countless color notebooks to remember combinations that pique discomfort or incite strange pleasures to remember for later use. My desire is that the composition will exacerbate the oddity or electricity of the color choice, and that the result is a designed tension – a random and candid snapshot of an abstract universe. At times the outcome is joyful, at others strained.

I struggle with elements of restraint and freedom, the traits required to be good in the world, to know when to speak, and when to celebrate silence. I believe these minimal paintings to be compiled of small moments, to embody notes on existence. As whole works, they vacillate between the histories of philosophy, art, and design, searching for the space in which they will take questions further. They hope for beauty, but are often simply attempts at depicting the unexamined.
Carrie Foulkes
London, England

Poetry, visual art


"Magic never faltered. Magic always led." - Leonard Cohen

Carrie Foulkes is a peripatetic multidisciplinary artist and writer currently based in east London. Her work is as disparate as the geography of her life, with similar scant regard for borders between media, thought and action, text and image. The commonality is a deeply thought through conception and an intuitive, visceral hands-on creation.

This form and content praxis can be seen throughout her work, and meshes particularly effectively in her collages. Often across an intricately executed background in pencil or paint, jagged glossy cut outs bring texture and colour, as well as ambiguous menace. It is work crafted as delicately and crudely as folk art, springing from an awareness of that tradition and many others, with a rawly expressive personal voice. It calls to mind, in feel and intent if not medium, Joseph Beuys’ assemblages, primitively symbolic, with tactile overtones of personal history.

As well as collage, her artistic practice encompasses chapbooks, poetry, essays, photography, film and painting.

Carrie holds a BA in Philosophy from Columbia University, New York, and an MA in Poetic Practice from Royal Holloway, University of London.
Matthis Grunsky
Halifax, Canada

Painting, sculpture


I am interested in moments of careful looking that occur periodically in our experience of the world. In recognizing these moments in my own life and expanding upon them through the production of art, I hope to trigger similar experiences of careful looking in others.

My work relates closely with the discourse of painting, although the materials and methods I use often have roots in object (rather than image) based practices. I strongly gravitate to the history of conceptual art and my work often reflects the trend of de-skilling and de-mystifying the underlying processes of art.

Jonathan Russ
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Music composition


I compose direct, expressive music with an eye towards social good, drawing from the languages of contemporary classical music, musical theater, and indie rock.

Recently, I've worked with Sō Percussion (through their Summer Institute), loadbang, ShoutHouse, Marimolin, Quartetto Apeiron, members of the JACK Quartet and International Contemporary Ensemble, clarinetist Stanley Drucker of the NY Philharmonic, and soprano Kamala Sankaram. I'm Composer-In-Residence with the American Chamber Ensemble and the Blueshift Ensemble, and am a co-founder of ICEBERG New Music, a composer's collective dedicated to aesthetic diversity and a focus on what lies beneath the surface of the music.

My upcoming projects include a chamber opera about a young woman who never leaves her room, a solo rock EP, and a book of piano preludes. At Arteles, I will be working on all three, as well as deepening my Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice and continuing to resist the rise of fascism in my country.
Erin Purcell
Oregon, USA

Mixed Media

I’m dealing with the uncertain and often intimidating vision of life, the unfathomable nature of time and change and the fleetingness and fragility of existence. Enigmatic yet familiar, my work arouses a sense of the physical to provoke an inner, unsettled feeling. Through the evidence of flux, it suggests that our experience of the world is a combination of the immediately perceived, partially concealed and the infinite connections made in between.

The conceptual lexicon I've developed around the nature of existence has led me into an exploration of process, the third dimension and the power of the object. I hope to demand the viewer's involvement through emotion, suggestion and the unfamiliar to convey the poetic while acting as a reminder that it is more important to think of ourselves before death and that we all are hurtling towards death and nothingness.
María Laura Verdinelli
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visual arts, philosophy, research

"To expand the space, to unfold the time. To see a world among the worlds."

I work with myself, putting into dialogue my works, thoughts, curiosities and questions with what remains unknown.

I'm interested in establishing relationships between elements.
To find the balance between structure and creativity.
To be part of the invisible and create an image departing from that.

I understand art as a way of becoming present.

To inhabit new states in the search of our authentic creative gesture.
To create ruptures and to explore different paths,
so that new ways of knowledge can emerge and be expressed.
M.E. Sparks

Painting, drawing

In recent work M.E. Sparks investigates ideas of representation and perception while merging historical vocabularies of painting with personal narrative and found forms. Often working from observation, M.E. searches for a kind of newness and unfamiliarity within objects; the elusive yet perpetual dark side of all things. Her paintings play with absence, obfuscation, repetition and shifting pictorial space in an attempt to disrupt habitual modes of representational painting and ways of looking.

M.E. received a Master of Applied Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2016) and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University (2013). She was a finalist for the 2016 RBC Painting Competition and the recipient of the 2016 Nancy Petry Award. She has received funding from Arts Nova Scotia and BC Arts Council and has exhibited her work across Canada, including Access Gallery (Vancouver), Franc Gallery (Vancouver), The Power Plant (Toronto), and Art Mûr (Montréal). M.E. will be attending GlogauAIR residency program in Berlin during the spring of 2017. She is based in Vancouver, BC.
Jacky Cheng
Broome, Australia

Paper, fibre


"‘It's all about the journey"

"My viewpoint from the act of ‘making and doing’ is highly influenced by my Chinese cultural background. During my childhood, folding hundreds of lightweight bamboo joss paper commonly known as ‘spirit paper’ for people in the afterlife yearned my desire to reconnect the activity from my past and reflect my current practice with paper. It became more apparent during my architectural studies in my university years, which later transposed to series of artworks that looks like topographical landscape. But it is not the case as it is just mark-making the traces of actions of a person – me.

I am drawn to the concept of ethnomathematics - the cultural activity and memories of home, country and relationship. My significant concern is correlating experiences and mapping the esoteric relationship between the art of making and attaining something sublime. Architectonic language such as geometric shapes, repetition, light and shadow play an integral start to every piece, as all things around us are a form or shape. It is the amalgamation of inspirations that allow each piece its rightful story. Aphorisms such as ‘less is more’ and ‘God is in the details’ is practiced religiously when exploring the idea of ‘two extremities of the same continuum’ – simplicity in complexity. I do not try to cut or imitate the perfect lines of a mechanical machine but instead embrace the process. Much like reminiscing about the journey and not the destination. "
Goyo Kwon
South Korea

Illustration, Comics, Drawing


"Seeking sustainable ways of mourning the dead, living and the dying-through art"

By dissecting rituals, objects, architecture and narratives of private and social mourning, Goyo seeks sustainable ways of mourning through visual narrative ranging from video experiments to comics and drawings. In a society constantly flooded with images of death and bodies in peril, Goyo believes it is essential to start building platforms that will enable better understanding of fragility, physicality and holding on.

From gothic narratives that romanticized grotesque to War-time narratives that seek the definition of human condition between gray zones, and to queer narratives juggling between exploitation and exposition- the subjects of Goyo’s work is nurtured through lineages of stories that sought to challenge possibilities in representations of human experience.

Goyo has received BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and was a fully funded member of Royal Drawing School Residency in Scotland.
Ian Waugh

Film, writing, sound


Ian Waugh is a British film director, writer and artist.

Raised in Tyneside, he studied photography and film at Edinburgh Napier University, graduating with an MFA in Advanced Film Practice from Screen Academy Scotland. His graduation film Leaves was nominated for Best UK First Feature at London’s East End Film Festival.

An alumnus of Berlinale Talents, Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab and Reykjavik International Film Festival Transatlantic Talent Lab, his work has screened at festivals in London, Stockholm, Berlin, Milano, Drama, Kyiv, Busan, Mexico City, and many more worldwide.

His recent drama As He Lay Falling premiered in competition at the 68th Edinburgh International Film Festival, received Special Mentions at the 11th Reykjavik International Film Festival and the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, and won the Directors Jury Award at the 16th International Short Film Festival of Soria. Having screened at over 25 international festivals it was released online through the BFI and is currently being developed into a feature film of the same name by Homemade Films and Only Son. A UK/Greece co-production, the feature development is supported by the Scottish Film Talent Network with the assistance of Creative Scotland and the BFI NET.WORK.

In 2016 he lived and worked in Reykjavík, Iceland during a residency with SÍM, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. Supported by Creative Scotland, he developed an Icelandic set feature film while producing experimental video works for the gallery. In 2017 he will return to Iceland to begin production on a new film work.
Kristin Bjornerud
Montréal, Canada

Painting, drawing


Kristin Bjornerud’s watercolour and gouache paintings examine our relationship to the natural world, the importance of community and the power of female relationships through the lens of magical realism. Kristin received her MFA from the University of Saskatchewan (2005) and her BFA from the University of Lethbridge (2002). She has been awarded grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Ontario Arts Council. Her work has been exhibited across Canada in galleries, museums, international art fairs, and artist-run centres. Her work is represented in the collections of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Bank of Montreal, the City of Ottawa, as well as the Canada Council Art Bank. In 2010 Kristin was recipient of the Brucebo Fine Art Foundation’s residency scholarship in Gotland, Sweden. The resulting body of work was exhibited at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (2012). Kristin will be artist in residence at the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture in Dawson City, Yukon in the summer of 2017.
Leena Niemela
Qualicum Beach, Canada


"If I could invite you to sit in the garden, this garden, I would."

"Leena Niemela is a Finnish-Canadian writer from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada currently completing her Master of Fine Arts (Creative Writing) at the University of British Columbia. She grew up in the hot dust of the British Columbia's North Okanagan between two worlds: one filled with the canadiana of life in a small town and the other of Saturday saunas, fresh baked “pulla” and Finnish church meetings. Her writing is a mix of memories and wishful thinking that explores heritage and identity, the coincidence of found poetry, and mysterious workings of language and the writing life. She writes non-fiction memoir and essays, poetry and the occasional cartoon.

While at Arteles, Leena will be completing her first poetry manuscript exploring the impact of immigration on cultural connection between women in Finnish-Canadian communities and their ancestral communities in Finland. Her poems explore cultural belonging and identity, and the varied constructions of Finnish-Canadian identity experienced by the poet while living in Canada, travelling to Finland and returning to Canada after these investigations. She wants to interrogate the expected images in media and family lore, constructs like the ‘stoic/silent Finn’, ‘sisu’ and in particular, the social-psychological impact of the northern landscapes and dark winters and how they are perceived to shape existence for those who live there. She is interested in how these concepts manifest in lived experience and translate into words on the page. "
Kailey Bryan
St. John's, Canada

Performance, Installation, Video


My work often deals with the tension between the lived experience of a body, and how that body is interpretated by others. It considers that psychological “pathologies” may be unavoidable reactions to physical and social systems built to subjugate. Often I’m engaging the material culture around me, finding ways to both perform and subvert objects’ social meaning. In my video work I am always performing for the camera, taking a fleeting and unsettling gesture and looping it ad infinitum. I want the viewer to be seduced by colour, texture, lighting, sheen, and then puncture that experience. I want people to sit a space of simultaneous desire and discomfort. I centralize my own body to foreground my own accountability in my work; I am always only going to be coming from a specifically white, not-differently-abled, queer, feminized, middle-class set of experiences, and this informs the production of the work. Repetition is perhaps the unifying feature of my practice; an aesthetic technique and personal compulsion that magnifies the weight of any gesture while allowing me to feel control over it at the same time.

I acknowledge the support of ArstNL, which last year invested $2.5 million to foster and promote the creation and enjoyment of the arts for the benefit of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. I am currently working on unceded Mi’kmaq and Beothuk territory, also referred to as St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.
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