Arteles Short Term Residency

Arteles Creative Residency Program

Angela Glanzmann
Halifax, Canada

Installation, Media, Performance

My practice is concerned with a loss of orientation and re-navigating a sense of place. My art and personal life intersect through subjective experiences of hiking, camping and exploring landscapes, which later show up in my work. These landscapes have different manifestations of physical, phenomenological and psychogeographical presence in my practice. I work through these mappings and explorations via new media, installation, performance and sculpture. My work is informed by a feminist gaze that includes questioning colonialism, racism and power imbalances within various geographies and spaces. Under these considerations I use loneliness/aloneness as a subjectivity of experiencing sensations of landscapes, questioning/criticizing the romantic notion of the “sublime” experience in nature and the patriarchal associations with it. Themes of survival also permeate my work and I often use mapping as a metaphor for processing trauma and fabricating memory. Within my performances and installations, my projects become highly gestural, allowing bodily presence and ephemera to arise.

Angela Glanzmann is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural worker from Halifax, Canada. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, artist run centres, festivals and public spaces throughout Canada and the UK.
Akiko Keira
Nagareyama, Japan

Drawing, Installation


For many years, I've been drawing with an aim of making "doodle art" worthy of (appreciation) being appreciated as an art form (in its own right).

Recently, what I've been trying to do is expand the range of my artistic expression by exploring new drawing styles and other possibilities to develop my ideas.

I look for things that inspire me to create new works. This chance will, I hope, serve as an opportunity to stretch myself, to experiment with other materials and techniques.
Robert Beam
Texas, USA

Photography, Drawing, Installation


The ability to construct an object that collects and alters ones environment has fascinated me ever since I built and operated my first solar water purifier. To this day I am captivated with the fact that there is energy and elements working that I am unable to see, only able to record. Experiments rule my practice and direct my focus to vast expanses and isolated locations. Recording through photographic means, using both traditional and digital processes, my work examines the effects of the record and the experience of the viewer. Finding inspiration from the land, scientific exploration, and natural phenomena – I focus on perception and the spaces we create. Creating object and image based works that infer our inherent need to explore and see further. Through a broad range of experimental processes and photographic materials, I create impressions of events in the landscape that I believe to exist but are beyond my awareness. These impressions of spaces and objects confound the standard expectations of photographic veracity. The image responds to a sense of space beyond our perception, not existing as a record of an event, but as a site for viewing– becoming the event.

Asuka Nirasawa
Osaka, Japan

Painting, Photographic collaging, Installation


The concept of Nirasawa’s project is to find a phenomenon that leads to a secluded existence, hidden from the external world and representing the feelings and emotions in a profound silence. Dynamics of modernity (sophistication) and primitiveness (savagery) stirred her imagination. She has continued to do the experimental drawing and photographic collage works for several years. In her works, one can find a mix of the modern, traditional and the pop culture world in a vivid, eccentric way with infinite colors. Her process of creating a piece of art, creates a tangible version of her thoughts and emotions, often involving moving back and forth between the conscious and sub-conscious. Nirasawa is always in the process of finding such a moment.
Sidony O'Neal

Text, Performance, Multimedia

"fuck your human(ist) hope"

While my work is multidisciplinary, at its core remains a performative writing practice, a translation-- something like an algorithm or a grammar. Mostly, I am in murky pursuit and refusal of (an)other humanism. Using mutable performances, music, texts, textiles, and printed materials, I investigate the lethality of (black) existence and oscillation, troubling the idea that a body in place is structured by deficit, Iack, and non-being.
Cy Gorman
Melbourne, Australia

AudioVisual, Relational, Mixed Reality


"Fusionist of the Blue Galactic Hand"

I create, produce & direct interdisciplinary artwork & projects across transnational cultural, media & social landscapes. My educational & professional skill sets facilitate unique collaborations, hybrid language formations & conceptual or developments for adaptive and responsive artistic and transmedia expressions. Key areas of interest, research and artistic practice are:

Light/ Animateuring/ Transmedia/ AV Design/ Digital & New Media Art/ Videography/ Photography/ Music Production/ Sound Design/ Movement & Choreography/ Therapy/ Relational Aesthetics/ Art in Public Space & Cyberspace/ Audiovisual Philosophy/ Spatial Awareness/ Experiential/ Theatre/ Geomatics/ VR/ AR/ Mixed Reality.

When bridging the digital and physical realms a guiding light for me is always to search for the work that is asking to reveal itself. This for me relates to concepts of alchemy, biomagnetics & 'being in tune' with the identities and environments that are holding space for the work to emerge from. Properties of the physical world oscillate with the metaphysical. Aesthetics dissolve into metaesthetics. Outcomes or artistic products wherever possible are crafted towards expressions of 'presence' that transcend relational awareness of a dualistic nature.

For the June 2016 Arteles Residency I am working on Augmented Organism. Augmented Organism is a project bringing together science, art and technology with world wisdom traditions, sounds and movements. Aug Org values connection with Land. Aug Org sees nature as an intelligent voice. Aug Org's purpose is to create globally relevant art by supporting the voice of our natural world & use technologies of today and tomorrow as tools to connect us back to the wisdom of Mother Earth. Aug Org's vision is to reinstill presence in our communities and deepen awareness within ourselves.
Nicholas Kovatch
Minneapolis, USA

Installation, Sculpture


Nicholas Kovatch is an active sculptor, installation artist and instructor based in Minneapolis, MN. He was a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow at the MacDowell Colony in 2014 and was a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in 2015. Nicholas received an MFA in Visual Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His work has been exhibited across the United States and is currently an adjunct professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Kevin Mack
Philadelphia, USA

Painting, collage


Endless bounds of shapes stacked and colors chased, my collaged worlds are spacious yet flat. Similar to dismantling a toy, I dissect and rebuild spaces to understand their precise particularities. I am an explorer, and am always searching for new mazes to be lost in, reconnecting with the unknown like an old friend. My vibrant works play with physicality and layering. Paint is applied like icing to give autonomy; ghostly outlines of previous thoughts emerge throughout. My favorite color is purple.
Caroline McCaughey
New York City, USA

Writing, Film

I am a writer and filmmaker who was born and raised in New York City. I write personal essays, memoir, and articles about politics, health, and the arts. In 2015 I graduated from Columbia University with a MFA in Nonfiction Writing. I earned a BA from Brown University, where I double majored in History and Art-Semiotics.

Before graduate school, I worked in New York City’s film and television industry, as a researcher in a law office, as a bike messenger, a chauffeur, and a migrant farm worker. I directed, shot, and edited a feature documentary about the squatting movement and gentrification of Manhattan’s Lower East Side called Your House Is Mine. I also spent a year hopping freight trains and hitchhiking across the United States.

I currently live in the East Village. I love dogs and hate cheese.
Danielle Rante
Dayton, USA

Drawing, Mixed media, Printmaking


"Stars, sky, earth, flowers"

Rante works in drawing, painting, printing, paper cutting, installations and tableaus of small organic objects. Sourcing material directly from the environments she visits, Rante’s practice incorporates site-specific field research into geographical happenings, direct interaction with the landscape and its inhabitants, and meditative mark-making. Akin to a botanist collecting live plant specimens in the wild, or an astronomist mapping locations beyond the earth’s atmosphere, Rante is interested in the meeting place between the physical environment we encounter and the narratives of a place. She explores our cultural subjectivity in relation to historical events or shifts in the landscape, investigating collective and personal speculation, while remaining a present witness.
Brooks Dierdorff
Redlands, USA

Photography, Sculpture, Video


Though the foundations of my current practice originate in photography, I currently work across a variety of media that include video, sculpture, and performance, and installation. Combining conventional and non-traditional methods and materials ranging from woodworking to video to photograms, I explore the ways in which images interface between various and often-contesting representations of the natural world. My practice searches for new meanings in the intentional and incidental forms that we individually and collectively create through our interactions with nature.
Jazmyne M. K. Geis
Kula, USA

Performative storytelling, Visual art, Film


"My perspective carries culture, land, rhythms, rituals and visuals that inform the art I express; It is the storyteller that documents our now to share with future generations."

Born in Maui (Hawai’i/USA) Jazmyne has grown up in a place that harbors diversity-- different cultures, ways of thinking, island traditions and American influences--and through her artistic work speaks to these life experiences. As an interdisciplinary artist, Jazmyne uses dance movement, film, poetry, design and visual art to explore socio-cultural narratives related to identity and place. Her work is inspired by her mixed ethnic background; contemporary cultural identities; traditional arts, mythology and storytelling; the natural world, and the shifts between physical and digital spaces. During the residency, Jazmyne will be teaming up with Cy Gorman, and artistic contributor Neil Harbisson, to work on their project Augmented Organism (AugOrg) —a project bringing together science, art and technology with world wisdom traditions, sounds and movements. AugOrg’s aim is to use creative practice based research to lead their exploration in the relationships between technology, organism, and its relation/communication with its environment; with purpose to create art that supports the voice of our natural world, using current technologies as tools to connect us back to the wisdom of Mother Earth, and re-instill presence and deepen awareness within our communities and ourselves.
Mariana Leal
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Painting, Drawing, Photo-object


My work as an artist reflects my interest in psycho-emotional practices and in the possibility of accessing and resignifying subconscious contents.

Some works bring my indigenous/afro/european ancestry references as Brazilian. Many information and knowledge comes to my mind intuitively through mysterious channels, so I organize them in a poetical way bringing renewed shapes to past events, working contemporarily as an artist that is an inhabitant of the future in relation to those ancient times.

I'm interested in the state of presence and in energy flows between the center of the chest and the hands, between foot soles and the ground, between the top of the head and the above.

Some nature elements are recurring in my works. Water and feathers, especially peacock feathers that in a subjective meaning symbolizes gifts that are blast to me by Oriental winds as an ability and a tool to perform my art work. When metaphorically stucked in head it works as an eye or antenna. When held in hand it performs strokes and lines.

My paintings shows mysterious figures and beings that vibrate and seems to exist in a coexistent dimension. In drawings there are lines that flows by hand to paper by automatism resulting in organic-geometric entities that are vibrational and feathery. When I work with photographs images I put out tangible bodies to the photographic content and so I can interfere in the material body of these moments. Sometimes I also include to these pictures things that the eye of the camera was not able to "see" because they are related to an inner dimension.
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