Arteles Short Term Residency

Arteles Creative Residency Program

Maria Santi
La Plata, Argentina

Painting, installation, land art

"Linking the perceptions of enviroment and the materials"

Today, my artistic work refers to the natural world. In it I question the materiality with which I work, the power of images, the use of the senses. I work creating a structure that interweaves the strength of the material with the visible, my personal experiences and the experiences of those whom my work challenges.

In this process I show an underlying premise: the matter is alive, that is why I consider it an active component of the pictorial practice, which is especially noticeable in its manifest expansion during contemporaneity.

I am interested in the fusion between different representations of nature; also in exploring an instictive ""sixth sense"", which I think is a quality of the natural world, which makes purity and beauty its primordial elements and which I feel closely linked with the intuitive process present in my painting.

Since landscape has been modified by degrading actions, for which man is responsible and whose consequences are largely irreversible, I believe that my art practice has the capacity to repair and take care of this world. Landscape has always been one of the most prominent genres, today it has become something more than the perception of the place around us. In the contemporary scene, it is the undisputed protagonist whenever it tells us that life on a horizon without seas and skies, in a world without life or colour, is meaningless.
Elizabeth Claire Alberts

Creative writing, radio arts, narrative journalism


Elizabeth Claire Alberts has a PhD in creative writing from Macquarie University, and has taught creative writing at Macquarie University for the past seven years. Her creative stories and poems have appeared in publications like Island Magazine, Australia Poetry, Yarn Review, and her narrative journalism has appeared in Earth Island Journal, Audubon, Great Ocean Quarterly, Alternatives Journal, The Dodo, Afar, and Wild. She is the co-author of a children’s book, Joselina Piggy Cleans Her Room, and a contributing author to the book, Stories of the Great Turning. In addition to her PhD, Elizabeth has a BA in theatre from The College of Wooster, and an MA in creative writing from Macquarie University. She is currently working on an audio storytelling project, EarthVoice, which will tell stories of passionate individuals working in the environmental and animal welfare movements. These stories will be recorded and crafted with passion, creativity, and high quality writing, then disseminated online.

Skylar Delphinus
Melbourne, Australia

Dance, choreography


Skipping around a giant sunflower, holding a red watering can, wearing a tutu that was too big is Skylar’s earliest memory of dance. Skylar is a technically trained dancer in all styles, inspired by the world around her, with a strong belief that actions speak louder than words. Her choreography fuses idiosyncrasies of human behaviour and natural movement with technical dance elements. People-watching is particularly important to her process, as she believes one can learn so much just by observing people who are under the impression that they are alone (think Hitchcock’s Rear Window). This helps her incorporate nuances of human behaviour in her work. Forever a student, Skylar wants to develop her education, and become increasingly versatile and honest.
Asuka Nirasawa
Osaka, Japan

Painting, Photographic collaging, Installation


The concept of Nirasawa’s project is to find a phenomenon that leads to a secluded existence, hidden from the external world and representing the feelings and emotions in a profound silence. Dynamics of modernity (sophistication) and primitiveness (savagery) stirred her imagination. She has continued to do the experimental drawing and photographic collage works for several years. In her works, one can find a mix of the modern, traditional and the pop culture world in a vivid, eccentric way with infinite colors. Her process of creating a piece of art, creates a tangible version of her thoughts and emotions, often involving moving back and forth between the conscious and sub-conscious. Nirasawa is always in the process of finding such a moment.
Loreal Prystaj
New York, USA

Photography, moving images, performance

"I am an artist with a camera."

Loreal Prystaj is a visual artist based in New York. Her work often times exposes the relationship between time and space, with a juxtaposition of the human form and it’s environment. Prystaj creates using photography as her base medium, and expands ideas through video, installation, performance, and interactive pieces. Her archive of work has led to speaking at accredited universities, being represented in numerous galleries throughout the world, from within the States to China, Japan, Italy, and France, and she has been published in numerous magazines such as L'Oeil de la Photographie, CREEM Magazine, Icon and Hue to name a few.

Loreal Prystaj continues to express her ideas through the eye of her lens.

Light sheds truth.
Where it falls, the daily schedule disappears, routine no longer exists.
When captured in thin slices of illumination, time vanishes, and only truth remains.
As a child, even in the darkest moments,
a place full of color, wonder, and light can be created;
a world exempt from all darkness.
Light allows us to see beyond ourselves.
Darkness conceals all, and injects fear.
Many of our truths and happiness exist from the child within.
For who we are as children, is our being at purest form—It is not influenced,
manipulated or forced;
it just is—and to just be, is where light can be found within each individual.
Allison Baker
St Paul, Minnesota, USA

Sculpture, video, installation


My work bucks notions of traditional femininity with a subverted re-appropriation of femaleness using the very thing that oppresses us: our prescriptive gender roles, our weakness, our plight, and our fits of fancy.

We sad girls are bad girls. Blatantly refusing to act properly, show decorum, and be the well-mannered darlings we were raised to be.
Maia Flore
Paris, France

Photography, video, installation


"My working process is an examination of the coincidences between our world and our imagination."

My working process is an examination of the coincidences between our world and our imagination.

Using photography makes it possible to play between the reality and the unrealizable.

A picture to create a universe, in its every ethereal details, in which I play, and put into play the scenes.

Inspired by literature, music and other forms of art, I create short narrative scenes sometimes bizarre or even surreal. My pictures are always ambiguous in that the viewer can only imagine of what remains outside of the frame. Instead of relating a specific story this is a suggestion of psychological and symbolical charged scenarios.

The fact that the figure in the pictures is always myself creates a link between the single artworks, reinforces the idea of an ongoing narrative, creates a sense of familiarity, and allows the viewer a more immediate and intimate access to the work. There is always a certain element of surprise in each of the work, even if all the process seems under control.

Recently I became interested in exploring methods of depicting which could allow the viewer the experience of recognizing the invisible and the immaterial in an image rather than the experience of what is pictured on the visible surface : an atmosphere, an emotion, a longing, that resides in one’s inner self and not in the material world.
Kevin Mack
Philadelphia, USA

Painting, collage


Endless bounds of shapes stacked and colors chased, my collaged worlds are spacious yet flat. Similar to dismantling a toy, I dissect and rebuild spaces to understand their precise particularities. I am an explorer, and am always searching for new mazes to be lost in, reconnecting with the unknown like an old friend. My vibrant works play with physicality and layering. Paint is applied like icing to give autonomy; ghostly outlines of previous thoughts emerge throughout. My favorite color is purple.
Rhys James
Melbourne, Australia

Rhys is an emerging artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He completed his studies in acting, yet his work ventures across film, direction, theatre-making and photography. His aim has never been to make statements or to change the world, but instead to comment on the process of creation. Some of his pieces do not bear much resemblance to the character of the body of his work. His desire is to be proficient in many forms of art and to further his investigation into different narratives.
Samuel Rodrigues
São Paulo, Brasil



I’m a Brazilian painter based in São Paulo.
Tahlee Rouillon



"Music for effortless transformation"

Tahlee Rouillon is music composer extraordinaire at Sonesence. She offers peace seekers an easy way to achieve inner peace with a sonic shortcut called meditones.

After going through many difficult changes, Tahlee also created The Gentle Transition e-course for other sensitive souls struggling with change (who want to feel a whole lot better).

When she isn’t blissing out to music, you can find Tahlee wandering about the rainforest, eating good food with good friends and laughing out loud. Really loud. When you hear it, you’ll know.

She also creates bespoke meditation music for other wellness entrepreneurs and hangs out on Instagram a lot.
Katherine Rondina
New Mexico, USA

Photography, bookmaking, installation


With landscape as my subject, I explore vast spaces and edges of perception in pursuit of resolving the cognitive disconnect I experience as I try to understand the largeness of the universe. My work pivots on profound events and experiences in natural spaces, such as qualities of light and sound. With an installation of photographic objects, natural matter and lighting, I consider how bodily scale is lost in landscapes and spaces that exceed rational understanding. I disrupt perception creating a dialogue containing non-linear timescales, microcosms and the quiet depths of the universe. I allow mistakes while processing, such as using water from ponds and rivers where I photograph to develop my negatives. I store my film with soil and rocks collected from sites I photograph, allowing it to register physical interactions on the light sensitive emulsion. By allowing these intrusions, I locate the photograph as an inscribed site of event–as a palimpsest.
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