Arteles Short Term Residency

Silence Awareness Existence program

Lauren Guymer
Melbourne, Australia

Drawing, Visual Art

Lauren Guymer is a Melbourne based visual artist with a Bachelor in Communication Design. Lauren has a sharp eye for detail and works at length with tiny illustrative dots, lines, and marks, creating extremely intricate and imaginative landscape drawings with pen and ink on paper. Lauren’s work expresses her ongoing fascination and love for nature and travel.

Since beginning her professional career in mid-2015, Lauren has exhibited in more than 15 group shows and has shown her first solo exhibition. She has had her work published in both print and online, and has private collections across Australia and the UK. Lauren’s primary focus is to continue her artistic development, having been selected for a second artist residency in Iceland 2017.
Aine Kelly
Cork, Ireland

Photography, Sculpture, Performance


I'm a recent graduate in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art and Design and currently based in Cork, Ireland. My work examines the nature of photographical representation and what it's role plays in today's image choked world. My practice involves an investigative approach in order to find new ways to capture an authentic 'photograph'. Releasing myself from the camera, I work directly with light sensitive papers, lens, transparent materials, and most importantly, light. This photographic process allows me to present reality in a way that human perception does not permit.
Irfan Ahmed
Seattle, USA

Creative writing, Photography

"We experience the world through the filters of perception, the emotions that consume us, and the memories that have shaped and haunt us."

I embark on creative journeys with my pen, and occasionally with my camera. I love storytelling, which explains my passion for creating worlds through words. My nostalgia for classical literature and an inclination towards magic realism influences my writing style - defining and elaborating worlds through eloquent prose - while I explore a multitude of concepts ranging from memories, reality and illusion, existentialism, love, loss, mortality, coming-of-age, and the effect technology (and potential new discoveries) will have on our lives in the near future, to name a few. I hope to move and inspire people through my stories and instill a thoughtfulness about the world around us and our place in it.

Hai-Hsin Huang
NYC/USA Taipei/Taiwan

painting, drawing


Mt works explore images indicative of contemporary life. Particularly banal everyday life scenes that reveal an ambiguous atmosphere between humor and horror. Such as ordinary family photos, tourists at attractions and the routine disaster drills… I am interested in the ridiculousness, fear, absurdity and loneliness in society. To me, most aspects of life have the potential to be ridiculous, absurd, awkward, funny and meaningless all at once.
Frankie Chow
Sydney, Australia

Video, Performance


Our relationship with time and the possibility that a singular moment could feel fleeting or prolonged fascinate me. The subjective and manipulable nature of experience is a notion I intend to examine with methods that attempt to manoeuvre our perception of reality between the rational and irrational states of mind. My approach in conceptualising works often touches on psychoanalysis, where my current focus lies on harnessing and conducting anxiety and fear as a form of art process and experimentation.

Duration is an important aspect in my practice as an artist working across video and endurance performance. In particular, duration demands entertainment and stimuli, which I find is an issue that time-based art faces with a society lacking time and patience. Consequently, as part of confronting my apprehension towards the current condition in art culture, my recent endeavour in more improvised and spontaneous works seek a sense of uncertainty or anticipation from my performances to be shared with the viewer and lengthen an otherwise brief moment in art viewership.
María José Chica
Bogota, Colombia



I'm mainly a painter. My work has been moving between figuration and abstraction following an interest of contemplating my immediate surroundings and routine.
Marisa Finos
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Sculpture, Performance


Clay is bodily - it is skin, flesh, and bone. It bruises, bends, and breaks. It is incredibly vulnerable, yet resilient and strong. Working with this material allows me to explore the fragility of the body as it transforms through both life and death.

My work focuses on the connection between the human body as vessel and it’s relationship to the clay vessel. I explore this notion by creating large-scale, site-specific vessels for myself to inhabit. I build each vessel coil by coil, constantly considering the form in connection to the parameters of my body as I slowly enclose myself inside. The clay becomes an extension of my body, as it responds to every pinch, push, and pull. I occupy the vessel for hours at a time, focusing on my perceptions in solitude and darkness. They become transient and transformative spaces, functioning as portals or tools to navigate through my own consciousness. Upon the completion of my experience inside, I destroy the vessel and reclaim the material, giving it another life and purpose.

It is my intention that my work serve as a platform to start a larger conversation about the body, mortality, death, the afterlife, and how these subjects are addressed in contemporary culture.
Alina Zhdanova
Russia / Kyoto Japan

Video Art, Graphic Design


"Expession of Memorization"

Born in 1992, Moscow Russia, then I and my family moved to Japan when I was 1 year old. Now I work as a freelance Video Artist and Graphic Designer in Japan. Graduated at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Information Design Department in 2015. The biggest award I got is The Grand prize of the second CAF Prize, Tokyo Japan. My graduation work “Favoritka” was shown in Hiroshima animation festival and other places, and this work was collected at ARGOS Center of Art and Media, Brussels Belgium. My works explore the experience and memorization that based on differences of the environment that I was born and I grew up. When I’m shooting an animated film using stop motion, I’m trying to record each moment. When making video, I usually use ready-made music, but sometimes I effectively use human voice or breath sound, environmental sound that can be heard from outside. In this residency I would like to record various sounds and to experiment with video work. I’m interested in the theme of this residence, that is "silence". I believe the experience of deep silence air of Finland helps my work to get to the upper level.
Leah Beeferman
New York, USA

Digital prints, Video, Sound


"Leah Beeferman is a Brooklyn-based artist with interests in the digital, the geological, and the north."

I take pictures, record, and collect material in landscapes that interest me: rocky, icy, or salty terrain in, typically, barren northern or desert places. These landscapes evidence earthly processes; they are manifestations of physical systems and laws that determine the visible “real world” we live in. My visual work and sound work have similar concerns: to create picture planes or sonic spaces which shift between depth and flatness, confuse “solids” and “empty” space, juxtapose the natural and the digital, and hang in a suspended balance just on the line between stillness and motion.

The finished pieces (c-prints; videos; sound pieces; performance-screenings incorporating video, text, and sound) refer to the tangible real world but remain in a place of phenomenal, subjective experience. At the root of my work is the merging of this “real” space — from my observations, photographs and recordings — with an intangible and conceptual one informed by abstract painting, contemporary physics, and the digital.

The landscapes are crucial to each piece, but they are just one element within a larger set of concerns. In the work, they become something more ephemeral and elusive: pictures which layer gesture and landscape, and natural and digital color, in the flat, yet vast, expanse of digital space; and sound spaces that suggest sources immediately up close and real, and impossibly abstract and far away. The work relies on the specificity its elements provide, but makes use of it only as a beginning point to anchor an experience that becomes, ultimately, intuitive and experiential.
Hsiu Ping Lin
Taoyuan city, Taiwan

Metalwork, Large scale installation


"Open mind to whatever comes to my creations, always with grateful heart."

Past few years, I have put my attention to the topics that are related to women, female bodies and the relationship to the mother earth. In 2014 we started a project called “ My Womb, My Mother Earth – Uterus Painting”. Nearly two year, we have hosted over 15 Uterus Painting workshops in Taiwan, Hong Kong, northern Thailand border, Nepal, South India and other places, thus collected all kinds of stories about people’s experiences in life and related to womb. based on those uterus drawings, I started to curating exhibitions, meanwhile continue working on my handmade Jewelry brand, I work with precious metal, all kind of hardwood (sandalwood), mainly do customized Jewelry.

BONTE Handmade Jewelry | Designer, Creator, owner Visual Design of Dhartimata Sustainable workshop My Womb, My Mother Earth Art Project| Exhibition curator / project initiator / creator
Derek G. Larson
Savannah, USA

Animation, Video, New media


Derek G. Larson received his MFA from the Yale School of Art and has participated in a number of national and international exhibitions and residencies. Recent shows include the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond; UNTITLED Art Basel Miami; Human Resources, Los Angeles; Upfor, Portland; POWRPLNT, Brooklyn. In 2013 he published an online exhibit for Big Red & Shiny in Boston and was a finalist for the Hudgens Prize in Atlanta. In 2014 he received the SECAC Fellowship and David Bermant Foundation Fellowship. He is represented by ADA Gallery and teaches in the Summer Studio Program at VCU. His work has been featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Boston Globe, Seattle Times, NY Arts Magazine and New American Paintings.
Liam Crowley
Sydney, Australia

Video, Sound, Sculpture


Graduating from Sydney College of the Arts, I work across video, performance, sculpture and sound. Through a process of introspection, I examine various modes of practice in which we traverse space, whether it is through navigation, exploration or pilgrimage. I consider our relationships with particular sites and spaces and how they affect the way in which we interface with the environment or other individuals within the environment.

One of the foremost aspects of my art making, is the documentation of movement which is then transposed from in situ back into a gallery context. Primarily working with esoteric camera rigs which adorn the artist body and vehicles, journeys are enacted as performances. The act of rehearsing these performances is eschewed in favour of retaining genuine interaction and authenticity.

My most recent body of work stems from my realisation that I am a descendant of Robert O’Hara Burke, the leader of the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition. With the intention of navigating the continent from south to north and back, whilst exploring the inland of Australia (a feat previously unachieved by non-indigenous people) the party unfortunately perished upon the return leg. I set out to complete the return leg of the Burke and Wills expedition documenting performances that touch on ideas of failure and the heroic landscape.
Dani Minuskin

Photography, installation


Within the rhythms of our cyclic nature we encounter the wisdom of ritual; repeated behaviours that invoke forces far larger than us. As time unravels itself in circular motions, the accumulation of generational memory nestles into the crevices of our psyche. How are we impacted by the experiences of our ancestors? How does familial history express itself in psychosomatic patterns? What is our role in a long string of ancestral narratives?

My practice is an expression of our entanglement in this eternal web. By means of repetitive processes, my work seeks to honour the vulnerability and resiliency necessary to confront the repetitive loops of these enduring patterns.
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