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Carolyn Angus
Rome, Italy

Mixed media, sculpture, installation


"Fragments of our past slowly fade away, but the moments where time seems to stand still are what sustain us."

"Carolyn Angus is a visual artist whose large-scale mixed-media installations are made in response to specific spaces. Carolyn's sculpture is created from the most ephemeral of materials using the power of the repeated gesture to produce temporary monuments in response to a site. Carolyn also works in drawing and mixed media, often in monochrome and with an emphasis on texture.

“Art is an essence, a center”. (Eva Hesse)

Carolyn Angus studied sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art, UK then gained a Masters of Fine Art at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Since 2003 she has been based in Rome. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Resonance&Timbres’ with Finnish composer Ulf Långbacka, Galleria Monty&Co (2014), Rome; The Tiny Biennale (2015), Temple Gallery Rome; ‘Casa con Vista’ Casa Gregoretti, Rome (2012); ‘The Experiment’ FLUDDE Festival, Assembly Rooms, Faversham, Kent, UK (2011); ‘E le stelle stanno a guardare,’Galleria 3B, Rome (2010); and ’Focus’ St Stephen’s Cultural Centre Rome (2010).

Carolyn is a frequent visitor to Finland having spent twenty summers on its’ southern coast."
Kripi Malviya
Goa, India

Mental Health, Psychotherapy,
Creative Arts



Kripi Malviya is an Indian psychologist, experiential psychotherapist and a social justice advocate; she is also a poet, writer and an avid traveler based in Goa, India where she runs her emotional awareness and wellness retreat; TATVA. Her writing seizes vulnerability, terror, silence and islands. She focuses on the subversive and the still and is always looking for relational variance, intensity and discernment. Her poems are an enduring blend of power and succinct understanding. This aesthetic, a comprehension of the wild and the intense in the world, thoroughly reaches into the identity of the individual as it relates to the greater whole—whole as substantial as well as ethereal. Reflecting Kripi’s personal spiritual and psychological practices, interests, and lifestyles, her poetry harnesses the significant erupting of a contemporary existentialism. This quality alone allows for an embrace of the intensely bright and intensely dark emotional landscapes and boundaries of the truest every day, and as a result, the poetry illustrates a courage to trudge through it.

Noëmie Vermoesen
Belgium / France (lives in Berlin)

Academia, journalism, DJing


Noëmie Vermoesen is a PhD candidate currently writing a thesis on Techno Criticism in the ’80-‘90. She writes about people who wrote about music, be it in academia or the press. In addition to her activities as a researcher and freelance journalist, she also collaborates with a bookshop specialized in music.

Noëmie likes to listen – to people, to radio and of course, to music. Her preferred listening mode is active, whether that means dancing or playing music from her ever-growing record collection. Under the moniker Gigsta, she’s recently been DJing in bars, clubs and festivals.

Her mixing started on the radio. As Gigsta she has hosted several shows on three different stations in the past few years. Currently, she hosts a monthly slot on the Berlin-based Cashmere radio. « Fictions » is her way to combine all the stuff that inspires her in a form that she is constantly experimenting with.

When not busy with one of the aforementioned activities or with the jobs she keeps to pay the rent, Noëmie does zines, organizes exhibitions or cooks cool meals. Taking care of the planet, making her friends happy and sharing with humans are amongst her daily concerns.

Born in Belgium, brewed in Brittany (Fr) and currently based in Berlin, Noëmie speaks five languages including English and Italian. When she finishes her PhD and masters the art of DJing perfectly, she would like to learn a language not using the latin alphabet to broaden her capacity to understand and listen to the world.
Cecile Dyer
Austin, TX, United States

Painting, video, animation


Cecile Dyer (b.1984) is a painter and multimedia artist, based in Austin Texas. Her current body of work is a collection of watercolor seascapes and short videos, each depicting a sinking object. A personal response to the racially charged police violence in the United States and the false political narrative of a “simpler time” in U.S. History, this collection of works is an exercise in identifying white privilege as a first step toward person accountability within a racist system. Nostalgic icons from the artist's past are submerged in historical context, with outlines of the object becoming blurry, complex, and ominous under the surface of the water. Through prompts viewers are encouraged to examine and question the simple and clear nature of their own memories and history. The final collection will include 100 works on paper and several short videos.
Amy Casey
Cleveland, USA


Drawing on my own immediate environments, the news and anxiety dreams, I have been painting groundless landscapes-cities of a sort for some time now. Arranging and rearranging them, I think about community, balance, vulnerabilities and growth with a curiosity about what holds us together and how one thing can lead to another. The detail in the work is partly my way of conveying a kind of specificity and preciousness and partly about overcompensating for my own myopia. The amount of detail often makes phases of creating the paintings a kind of meditation or devotional experience. I am fascinated by the resilience of life and our ability to keep going in the face of sometimes horrendous or ridiculous circumstances. My paintings celebrate this fascination and my love of the urban landscape.
Margi Brown Ash
Brisbane, Australia

Writing, performance, research


"Researching ways of constructing one's Home of Belonging"

Margi Brown Ash a theatre maker, educator, therapist and coach, with her own creative arts therapy studio in Brisbane Australia, 4change coaching and counselling Margi has been an independent artist (stage performer/devisor) for over 40 years in Australia and New York City. She is co-founder/co-artistic director of the nest and FORCE OF CIRCUMSTANCE, both collaborative theatre companies based on social constructionist principles. Margi’s most recent work is The Belonging Trilogy: HOME is a postmodern exploration of re-storying our personal and professional lives; EVE is a deconstruction of illness and creativity and He Dreamed a Train is about family and loss. When not writing and performing, Margi coaches and counsels artists using a strengths-based and creative framework. Margi is a member of M.E.A.A (Australia’s Actors Equity); a Taos Associate and a member of National Artistic Team at Queensland Theatre.
Anki King
Norway (lives in New York)

Painting, sculpture


"‘Art is not about making a picture of something, it is about making something visible"

Anki King grew up in a small village in Norway. After completing her arts education in Oslo, she moved to New York City in 1994 and studied at The Art Students League until 1998. King exhibits frequently both in Europe and in the United States. Her work is included in private and public collections including the Appleton Museum of Art, in Ocala, FL. King has also exhibited at the Katonah Museum of Art, NY, the Las Cruces Museum of Art, NM, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Tokyo. She teaches and lectures at institutions such as The Art Students League of NY, Pelham Art Center and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. In 2010 she was the winner of the Artist of the Year Award in the London International Creative Competition (LICC).

Over the last twenty years King has made works in an abstract-expressionist style, including figurative elements. The still-standing full size figures that often appear in her paintings are tall and slim, somewhat awkward, with large hands. The human forms in King’s work are a vehicle of expressing emotional memories and feelings.
Felipe Enger
São Paulo, Brazil



As a visual artist working with photography, which is a medium widely used to capture reality, I like to experiment with its boundaries. I am constantly drawn to nature as the basis of abstract concepts and I use photography to give shape to them. Landscape is like a white canvas that allows me to interpret and present it as I wish. It lets me play with the notions of reality and imagination and, therefore, create my own reality.

My previous projects tackled themes such as the construction of memories and how they may not relate to the factual truth; the unconscious mind and how it manifests itself through dreams; and the idea of belonging, when one’s upbringing has been strongly influenced by contrasting cultures.
Stuart McMillan
Perth, Australia

Photography, drawing, music


"I seek inifinite inspiration in human connection and the environment."

I believe humans have an inherent connection to nature, the environment and the universe, however in the modern day we may have drifted from the importance of this relationship. My creative practice is broad, and i'm always seeking new ways of viewing and sharing my own experience of various natural phenomena, furthermore the mystical and magical existence of various energy systems in nature and the universe, from the macro to the infinite.
Jean-François Krebs
Paris, France

Performance art, poetry, video


Jean-François Krebs hasn't decided where to settle yet. Born in France, he lived in China, Scotland and now Portugal, with interludes in France. His nomadic way of life can be felt in his artwork, crossing disciplines and media. A recurring theme, the body as a place that cannot be escaped, a space we all have in common, a probably naive quest for the universal.

He studied in Paris (Ecole du Breuil, ENSP Versailles) and Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art). In Edinburgh, while studying art and landscape architecture, his practice became more conceptual and abstract. The theme of the body inhabiting the landscape, the flesh nurturing it, became central. Meanwhile, his practice of poetry and performative transvestism led him to be part of the UNESCO European Literature Night in the Fruitmarket Gallery in 2015, and to co-organise and perform 'The Library is Open', a drag queen poetry night, in the Scottish Poetry Library. The event received the Creativity Award Edinburgh 2016. Jean-François participates in the Maumaus program 2017 in Lisbon.

His current interests are the over-exposure and accessibility of data and images, the genesis of the self as an exhibited intimacy, revealed and hidden, through reflexions on pornography and gestation.
Jen Cunningham
Edinburgh, UK

Jewellery, designer, maker

Jen is a jewellery designer and maker based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She graduated with a BDes(Hons) in Jewellery and Metalwork design in 2007 from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (Dundee, Scotland) and has been a full-time self employed jewellery designer and maker since 2013.

The landscapes and compelling pull to the mountains that many people feel when in Scotland, greatly influences Jen’s jewellery. She uses traditional jewellery making techniques such as saw piercing to create accurate representations of the landscapes; layering silver and gold while exploring the play of light through contrasting textures her jewellery becomes a representation of the landscapes in miniature.

Whilst at Arteles Jen will be focusing on a number of things. The landscapes and their similarities and differences to Scotland. Her own creative process in order to understand what it is about landscapes that draws her in, and how best to represent that in her work. Regaining focus and direction in her work through meditation and the limitations of an off-line existance.
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