Arteles Short Term Residency

Arteles Creative Residency Program

Zack John Lee
Pittsburgh, USA

Audio, visual, spatial

My artistic interests lie in our experiences as existential beings. My work explores our psychological and physiological reactions to audio, visual and spatial awareness. By combining these perceptions into a cohesive work of art the viewer is instilled with a novel experience intended to spark a deeper curiosity about our everyday awareness.
Kelsey McDonough
Montana, USA

Painting, Drawing


I'm a Montana based painter working in fragmented landscapes. Most of my time is devoted to being outside, wether that be working or playing. My work is a reaction to the disillusionment of nature from a female perspective. Exploring the factors that are changing our landscape both through human physicality and social norms. I am interested in combining the natural with the contrived, representing the growing distance between humans and the natural world. I focus on the exploitation of both nature and the female form, combing a sense of realism with the artificial.
Miho Yoshida
Shizuoka, Japan



I have an interest in the relationship between ourselves and scenery. A familiar view is a segment that offers continuity to our bodies and souls, and provides the foundation for our daily lives.

However, when our connections to our surrounding scenery is shaken by disaster, or a move to a new location, the hold on our own reality is rendered uncertain.

The things that encircle we living things are, in turn, life itself. I reflect the places I physically walk through every day as oil paintings spread across the flat surfaces of canvases, searching among the points of contact between our mutual consciousnesses and the way we ought to be, for a third field of vision.

As long as there is a horizon and depth in a field of vision, our imaginations will discover a new profoundness therein.

Naomi Chan
Hong Kong

Interactivity, digital art, critical theory


"Body is just a gate to the greater conscious. Stay calm and take a breath to feel the connection with our universe."

Naomi Chan is a multimedia artist who was born and raised in Hong Kong. With solid skills in traditional art, Naomi likes to explore alternatives in many different media like installation, electronics, interactivity and videos. She takes both theoretical and practical elements as interconnected aspects in her creative process. She believes art is a communication tool that goes beyond existing text and spoken language which can deliver some raw thoughts. Besides art making, Chan is a nature lover and yoga teacher. She highly appreciates that yogic life attitude that could raise her awareness of her existence.
Elizabeth Allen
Sydney, Australia


While I tend to write stand-alone poems rather than long sequences, certain themes and preoccupations bind my poetry together – family, friendship, loss and acceptance, the attempt to gain meaning from the experiences of daily life. My work is confessional poetry with a playful and sometimes sardonic twist: poetry of the personal and the “I”.
I attempt to convey that which can’t be expressed by traditional autobiographical modes of writing. My writing is also concerned with distance – the distances between our real and imagined selves, between the past and the present, between people – and how in all relationships (including that of narrator and reader) we constantly juggle intimacy and connection with what is unfamiliar and strange. I like to experiment with form as well as voice, writing found poems, dramatic monologues, extended prose poems, and micro fiction.

My poetry has appeared in many major Australian literary journals and anthologies. I am the author of a collection, Body Language (Vagabond Press, 2012), which won the Anne Elder Award. I live in Sydney where I work as the events manager at Gleebooks, and I was one of the judges of the inaugural Noel Rowe Poetry Award. Apart from writing my other addictions are yoga and shopping.
Helena Olsson
Malmö, Sweden

Performance, video


Helena Olsson took her Master at Malmo Art Academy in 2014. Through video and performance, her artistic practice explores the line between documentary and fiction, how stories are created and communicated in relation to history and identity in a social and political context. She has exhibit at Malmö Art Museum (SWE), Spectrum Berlin (GE) Bothnia Biennale (FI) and Gallery CC (SWE).
Rosemary Feit Covey
Alexandria Virginia,USA

Experimental printmaking and installation


"Reinventing constantly, pushing to say it better, being an artist is always a struggle and a joy."

Rosemary Feit Covey's work has evolved from traditional printmaking to large scale experimental and collaborative works engaging musicians, dancers and the spectator in an immersive environment. For example, Red Handed, a project on the theme of non-culpable guilt forces the public to walk on art, an uncomfortable experience. The discomfort leads to reaction and discussion. The art itself printed on vinyl is site specific and can fill a large gallery. The project is portable and can be constructed and displayed world wide.

Her environmental work involves research and a personal interaction with the subject. Currently two projects are underway. A trip to the North Pole area above Norway, inspired a series of work called Black Ice. These works are constructed using engraving, painting and Japanese paper. Another current project is a collaboration with scientists and artists at Dartmouth University, artistically calling attention to the critically endangered Coconut Crab. A large crab currently resides in her studio for up close observation.

Rosemary Feit Covey was born in Johannesburg South Africa, her work is housed in over forty museum and library collections worldwide. In 2012, five-hundred of her prints were acquired for the permanent collection of Georgetown University Library, Special Collections. She is a recipient of a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and an Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation National Fine Art Award.
Yuko Nishigaki
Yokohama, Japan



Yuko Nishigaki graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Illustration. She is interested in children's book illustration and textile design. She often uses folk/fairy tales as base concepts and then creates her own new world. Her work is fun and whimsical, with dark undertones. She pulls inspiration from her own childhood, dreams and nature. She enjoys creating unique creatures and hiding narratives in each piece.
Luana Demange
São Paulo, Brasil

Contemporary Art


The artistic search comes from a very great need for expression and, for me, is the question of the social status quo in which we live. I think the social rituals, when we follow the letter without any possibility of detachment may limit our possibilities of life, knowledge, physical contact, emotional, affective and sensory linkages. Rituals are on the one hand, very important for the maintenance of customs and as individual participation landmark in society in which he lives. However, this participation can often be partial and misleading. We have much fear of what is unknown to us, what is strange, and so it is more comfortable to the security line of social rules, we already know. The text of Freud called "The Uncanny" (1925) discusses the psychological concept of the different, the strange (that he calls the Dzuncannydz) like something family strangely, rather than just mysterious. I believe that everyone has the stranger within themselves and find it important to get some contact with him. I find it particularly important issue in the world we live today with so religious and cultural intolerance, and migration problems worldwide. I would like to work the "The Stranger in Me", through sculpture or construction of the installation, the scenic intervention. I would like to use objects of the community with my uncanny eyes.
Canneo Canul
San Jose, USA

Visual Arts, painting


"La lucha nunca muere"

Boston University, Masters of Fine Art, 2016.

University of California, Davis B.A Philosophy of Language and Critical Theory, 2013.

My work is a focus on the Chicano experience.

Through my work I endeavour to engage majority culture, as my work offers cultural criticisms in an effort to decolonize and re-indigenize the Americas.

I do so as I feel that it is important for all indigenous people and cultures to combat all systematic forms of oppression, oppressive governments, and ruling classes-in an effort to reclaim our common heritages and achieve true ethnic and economic equality.

Awards and Recognition:

Esther B. and Albert S. Kahn Award
(Nominated, 2016).
Dedalus Foundation MFA Fellowship in Painting and Sculpture (Nominated, 2016).
Constantin Alajalov Memorial Scholarship (Boston University, 2014-2016).
Joseph Ablow Memorial Prize in Painting (Boston University, 2015).
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