Arteles Short Term Residency

Silence Awareness Existence program

Francisco Rigozzi
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visual arts, Photography, Music

"The quality of being "that" instead of "this"."

My name is Francisco and I am currently working on a project called Gemini.
"Gemini" is an intelligible but-not-formal project which encompasses the production of several works which are able to remain autonomous but in dialogue with each other. The project focuses on the expansion of the photographic medium by means of painting, gesture and intervention. It takes notice of the tension between presentation/representation. It also deals with materiality and how things incarnate; how they come into being.
Elizabeth Liang
Los Angeles, USA


I am interested in the presence of consciousness and the relationships between living forms. I am especially interested in the relationship between man-made objects and nature and the seemingly never-ending struggles and controversies we face when dealing with the nature and validity of God.
Ariel Ruvinsky

Costumes, Knitting, Textile design


My work explores the relationships between costume and couture, fashion and style. Drawing from the realms of surface and textile design, hermits and performative living, my practice is influenced by the signifiers of dress and the sociological implications of fabric and fiber processes. I focus on uniforms and the ascetic practices of nuns, witches, Santa Claus, and clowns and their meaning in contemporary culture. My work deals with how the form and function of the garment acts as an external architecture and are in service to an internal framework or modus operandi for the wearer.  I often think about how the intersections of vernacular street style and monasticism have informed haute couture and contemporary fashion. Where are there new opportunities for this type of occupational costume and couture to overlap?  How can shape and the voluminousness of fabric lend itself to alternative realities? Using the narrative qualities and capabilities of garments, I stitch together ideas of ornamentation and the decisions of the designer into its own hermetic story and world. Operating as both a collector and bricoleur of techniques, I use gun-tufting, chain-stitching, crochet, knitting, dyeing, and pattern making to create my body of work. An MFA graduate of the Fiber department at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, and an artist in residence with the Talking Dolls collective in Detroit as well as The Hollows in Brooklyn, I have been committed to researching the narrative properties of garments in both field and studio since 2008.

Zoey Hart
New York City, USA

painting, drawing


"In Honor of Imperfection: Rejuvenation"

Zoey Hart is a Brooklyn-based visual artist practicing (and teaching) print-based collage, meditative drawing, social practice and site-specific collaboration. Hart’s visual work explores the aesthetics of organic imperfection through the collection of mindfulness-based images and found environmental materials.
Inspired by the unfolding adventures of a rare chronic autoimmune condition, (and the consequently extensive medical imaging produced during the diagnostic process), Hart’s current project, In Honor of Imperfection, seeks to merge internal and external realities through the depiction and distortion of biological and environmental landscapes.
Previous iterations of Hart’s medically inspired series have been shown at Flux Factory, World Money Gallery, Bushwick Open Studios and online with Lady Art NYC and Eyelet Collective. During her time at Arteles, Hart plans to realize the next phase of her project (and health): rejuvenation.

Hart has spent the past five years creating, collaborating and exhibiting work in and around Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs of New York. Formerly, Hart lived, taught and collaborated in Northern Thailand, and the UK while completing an MA in studio printmaking and international art education from NYU, Gallatin (2015), and her undergraduate degrees at Brandeis University and Glasgow School of Art. In addition to her own studio practice, Hart is the founder of SEE FEEL CREATE, a series of international art workshops and collaborations.
Marisol Cal y Mayor

Dance, performance, cabaret


"Subversive body / Healing mind"

Dancer, performer and choreographer.
I use the body as an instrument to create images, to express emotions or symbols, to perturb and to arouse.
Sometimes narrative, sometimes sensorial, my aim is to provoke a gut reaction in the audience.

I teach the infinite wisdom that is enclosed inside the body and express, with a blend of different languages, the power within us all. This power represented in all life's duality.
Lately, I have been letting rotten emotions inside me die, in order to re gain force and let the rebirth take place.
Marisa Finos
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Sculpture, Performance


Clay is bodily - it is skin, flesh, and bone. It bruises, bends, and breaks. It is incredibly vulnerable, yet resilient and strong. Working with this material allows me to explore the fragility of the body as it transforms through both life and death.

My work focuses on the connection between the human body as vessel and it’s relationship to the clay vessel. I explore this notion by creating large-scale, site-specific vessels for myself to inhabit. I build each vessel coil by coil, constantly considering the form in connection to the parameters of my body as I slowly enclose myself inside. The clay becomes an extension of my body, as it responds to every pinch, push, and pull. I occupy the vessel for hours at a time, focusing on my perceptions in solitude and darkness. They become transient and transformative spaces, functioning as portals or tools to navigate through my own consciousness. Upon the completion of my experience inside, I destroy the vessel and reclaim the material, giving it another life and purpose.

It is my intention that my work serve as a platform to start a larger conversation about the body, mortality, death, the afterlife, and how these subjects are addressed in contemporary culture.
Adrian Gouet
Santiago, Chile

Painting, drawing


My work explores the influence of the mass media on the practice of painting, focusing on how the relationships between tragedy and spectacle determine their modes of production. In this context, my interest is in re-elaborating pictorially the media imagery with which we live daily, and particularly where terror and fascination can be confused continuously. But far from any emotional charge, this re-elaboration uses an aseptic pictorial treatment, depersonalized and distanced from any comment or moral opinion. The emphasis, however, is on the strictly formal description of all kinds of explosions, energetic discharges, eruptions, sublimations, vertigos, falls, suspensions, precipitations, disintegrations, deformations, fusions and confusions of all states of matter. Physics in its limit moments then leads to the limits of the pictorial language that describes it.
Marissa Stoffer
Edinburgh, UK



It has long been acknowledged that vision itself has a history. Painting is an act that reveals these historical conditioned visual strata. It is a process of re-imagining and re-making, and it requires an ever present consciousness of its past. Each painting can be said to contain the memory of painting and, and to quote Maurice Merleay-Ponty... ""If no painting completes painting, still, each creation changes, alters, clarifies, deepens, confirms, exalts, re-creates by anticipation all the others".

Thus through the process of looking, making, analysing, correcting and refining I have formed my own visual language. I am interested in the combination of paint and ready made images or pre-existing works as a starting point which then finds meaning through the juxtaposition of objects, shapes, textures, and colour.

Through the process of playful destruction and re-generation my work explores many peculiarities of history, mythology, and beliefs, resulting in the creation of surreal, dystopian places. Drawing my material from a wide variety of sources, personalising the over abundance of available images I can continue to convey meaning in a fractured world in which the real and the virtual are increasingly confused.
Ellery Royston
Chicago, USA

Sound, installation, new media


I am a composer and sound artist. I perform on harp and keyboard, usually augmented by electronics, and have performed extensively as an improviser and in noise projects. Over the last few years, I have developed an interest in using scientific data about the real word, ideally real-time, in multi-channel sound installation as a way of exploring ecological and social systems. Recently, I have created installations using live geomagnetic data, historical data about civilizations over time, and weather data about tides, for example. Humanity is in the middle of many existential threats in the form of climate change, mass species extinctions and ecosystem collapse, all stemming from a disconnect with our place as a part of a complex ecological system. I believe that because sound has such an emotional resonance, it can help us understand in an affective way these larger systems. I aim with my work to create soundscapes that allow people to have an intimate experience while at the same time feeling connected to the world around them.
Mary MacGregor-Reid
New Zealand

Video, Object, Installation


"Over the last two years I have been exploring otherworldly spaces in the context of performance and the performative, building a cosmology through the linking of objects and ideas, a cultivated web of interrelationships. My method of working has been flexible; spanning object, live performance and video, but always with a focus on the performative.

Ritual as performance seemed an appropriate space to interact with the otherworldy, while also allowing the work to quite naturally manifest across a range of media. Working with the performative – particularly recorded performance - I have discovered a method that allows for the sublime, the unnerving and the amusing to exist side by side in a contemporary art context.

This year I intend continuing to explore and deepen my understanding of human experience of the otherworldly, particularly the place of this experience in contemporary life. "
Tanya Long
New York, USA

Visual Art


Tanya Long’s artistic practise is largely focused on finding out what else can be done with analogue photographic tools and materials other than using them in the service of creating a mechanically rendered representation of reality. She works primarily in the color darkroom without negatives. Long is guided in her work by three major interests:
1) The reduction of photography to its essence: light and time.
2) The application of the characteristics of Minimalism and other 1960’s conceptual art to photography. For example, the emphasis on surface, color and objecthood. As well as the use of seriality, systems, standardized industrial materials and performative, pre-conceived actions. 3) Freeing the Photograph from the genre of Photography: the Photograph as Painting, as Sculpture and as Performance.

These interests are also applied when working with non-photographic materials.
Williamson Brasfield
New York City, USA

Photography, Painting, Installation


Williamson Brasfield (b.1983, Palo Alto) received his MFA from Yale School of Art, and his BFA from Penn State University. Working in painting, photography, and installation, his work has been included in the Nicaraguan Biennial of Contemporary Art, Come Together: Surviving Sandy, and most recently at Beverly's, Bomb Popup, and Spaceheater Gallery in NYC.
He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
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