Arteles Short Term Residency

Arteles Creative Residency Program

Rachael McArthur
Toronto, Canada


"Rachael McArthur is a lens-based artist from Toronto, Canada working within the medium of photo-sculpture and character creation."

Rachael McArthur is a lens-based artist from Toronto, Canada. She has graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design University with a BFA in photography and works within the medium of photo-sculpture and character creation. She uses these mediums to embody surreal aspects of the traditional portrait and the sculptural forms to represent her subjects. Prop design and set creation are elements she implements to create the stories through her work, the ideas represented in her images are influences from real life experiences within the family dynamic, personal development of the self and the fictional representations of subjects.
Sissy Reyes
Mexico & Australia

Video, photography


I am a Mexican-Australian artist based in Sydney, Australia. My practice sits between film narrative, video art and photography. With a background in cultural studies and film production I am fascinated by the way in which different cultures experience social constructs and discourses, mainly those of gender, consumerism, ethnicity and mortality. My work draws from the storytelling elements of cinema and mythology, through which I create surreal and colourful imagery and narratives that explore these themes from a humorous, often absurd and sometimes tragic perspective.

Vilma Bader
Sydney, Australia

Visual Arts


My multifaceted practice straddles various materials and concerns, moving between painting, sculpture, installation and performance. Framed by linguistics and semiotics, my work can be seen to function as manifestos, but I see it as having an implicit social thrust without being explicitly political or didactic. Rather, it urges the viewer not to submit to dominant narratives, but to work through and be attentive to the mnemonic messages disclosed and revealed. The seriality and repetition which are important components in my work heighten the sense of “losing a portion of oneself” while alluding to the sheer volume of information and data being generated in our every day lives. I see my art as a collective activity and my role as an artist as that of a facilitator who continues to speak but in a way that is not heard. The viewer’s role on the other hand is that of an active participator. It is only through projection and engagement that the work exists. Since 2014, I have extended my enquiries from an urban to a rural context, with a focus on environmental issues and sustainability. This resulted in a one month walk of the Camino de Santiago in Spain and two artist residencies the following year in rural Bundanon in Australia.

Vilma completed a PhD in 2013 on an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship, an MVA in 2009, a BVA Honours in 2007 all at Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney and a BFA at the National Art School in 2006.
Elizabeth Allen
Sydney, Australia


While I tend to write stand-alone poems rather than long sequences, certain themes and preoccupations bind my poetry together – family, friendship, loss and acceptance, the attempt to gain meaning from the experiences of daily life. My work is confessional poetry with a playful and sometimes sardonic twist: poetry of the personal and the “I”.
I attempt to convey that which can’t be expressed by traditional autobiographical modes of writing. My writing is also concerned with distance – the distances between our real and imagined selves, between the past and the present, between people – and how in all relationships (including that of narrator and reader) we constantly juggle intimacy and connection with what is unfamiliar and strange. I like to experiment with form as well as voice, writing found poems, dramatic monologues, extended prose poems, and micro fiction.

My poetry has appeared in many major Australian literary journals and anthologies. I am the author of a collection, Body Language (Vagabond Press, 2012), which won the Anne Elder Award. I live in Sydney where I work as the events manager at Gleebooks, and I was one of the judges of the inaugural Noel Rowe Poetry Award. Apart from writing my other addictions are yoga and shopping.
Judy Suh
Chicago, USA

Filmmaking, video, installation


"A multidisciplinary filmmaker"

Hailing from Chicago, Judy is an artist and filmmaker in the process of developing a personal language using video. Her work is characterized by a desire to take video out of screens and instead integrating it into real space, installations and performances. In this process she explores possibilities for transmedia storytelling, with a particular interest in how narrative translates and evolves from one medium to another.
Nicci Olivier
Johannesburg, South Africa

Printmaking, painting, installation


"What lies beneath"

The broad concept which I am currently exploring is 'Travel Light / The Psyche of a Nation', which references decluttering, focusing on the journey which takes you to what really matters. It embraces the notions of freedom, clarity, vision, wisdom and peace. 'Travel Light / ' The Psyche of a Nation' encourages making choices to dispose of unnecessary excess.

The Human Condition and the causes of human behavior, that which lies beneath, fascinates me. Nature plays a pivotal role in 'unearthing' and connecting with our essential needs as human beings. Therefore, key to my work process is sketching in situ in nature in order to absorb, experience and understand my surroundings which forms the starting point of my creative journey. The land and nature is the place where people live and journey. My interest is in the history, memories and stories, implications from the past on the future which are formed in the land where people live.

Developing the concept involves printmaking or painting layers of images, texture, form, movement and cutting away parts of the work to get rid of excess which creates new meaning to a surface. I enjoy processes and while working I will naturally question the mark making process, break a few boundaries and always contemplate final presentation. Continual dialogue with materials and subject matter are key to my creative practice. My penchant for research, exploration and experimentation enables me to develop a concept into either installation, multimedia, land art and sculpture.
Ian Brown
London, UK

Contemporary Art


My individual practice utilises video, photography, sculpture, performance, print and other interdisciplinary processes and materials to produce artworks engaging the human interface with the Invented World and the Natural World. There is a focus on the mediation of these relationships through forms of popular culture and how the commodification of culture impacts on our engagement with these specific subjects.

'Stories of Alienation and Disaster' considered our relationship with the technological and the natural by considering the disaster, or ‘Accident’. The work centred on specific forms of narrative dissemination, from folk song traditions to film and literature, to work with fictional and non-fictional forms of communication as a central position to navigate our assumed relationships to these subjects. 'An Incredible World of Beauty and Terror' (with Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew) questions plant/human relations by bringing together diverse positions: from botany, scientific illustration, natural history documentaries and science fiction writings. In collaborating with a taxonomist and a phytochemist dialogues were formed on methodology, speculation and forms of dissemination. One element centres on how filmic and televisual languages, utilised by natural history documentaries, create a distancing from the subject through overt technical forms of mediation (time-lapse, 3D).

I am part of the artist’s group, Common Culture, with David Campbell and Mark Durden. We have taken part in group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Through sculptural, photographic, performance and video projects, Common Culture explores how contemporary social identity is constructed through the rituals of consumption within popular culture.

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