A unique nest of creativity, with many inspiring and surprising spaces to be discovered. Accommodation for 7-8 artists. Shared studios are located in this building.

For artists & creative minds

In the two residency buildings – Nexus 9000 and Timber – there are working and living facilities for 12–14 artists. Our spaces are developed to serve creatives' various needs. 24/7 access to all spaces.

The shared studio space, overlooking the neighboring fields, has facilities for 2D and small-scale 3D artists. There is a wide selection of equipment and gear at hand including a lightboard, printers & scanner, sound & audio gear - also a separate photo studio with gear (see list here).

Supporting creative working & mindful being

Every artist/duo gets their own private bedroom with shared housing. All rooms have large working desks, proper lights and comfy, wide beds (120 cm/47") with bedlinen and towels provided.

Some rooms have integrated workspace in them, suitable especially for artists who need more space, work with sound/media or just prefer to create in private. Some of the rooms are more secluded, ideal for writers and researchers. There are bigger rooms and smaller rooms – each one is different, with its own history and personality.

Both residency buildings have fully equipped kitchens and shared bathrooms.

The beautiful Timber house, built in 1902, has been restored with care and respect to its long traditions. Accommodation for 5-6 artists. Arteles office is also located here.
The barn situated in the campus that is reserved for messy and outside working. Read more about working outside and with nature's own materials here
Studio space with flashlights, softboxes, LED lights, reflectors, tripods, green screen... See list
See the full list of equipment, gear and tools available here
For those interested in meditation, we have a space reserved for for silent being.
Common spaces and interiors are designed to feed your creativity and are there to be used.
Traditional wood burning sauna built in 1961. Sauna is a substantial part of Finnish culture - It is r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g.
The bathrooms & laundry room have been completely renewed in 2016.
Fully equipped kitchens in both buildings