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Silence Awareness Existence

Thematic residency program
Winter 2018-19 in Finland

1 or 2 months
December 2018 - March 2019
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Application round is closed Deadline for applications was
30th of May 2018

Creative Retreat into Existence

Silence Awareness Existence is a thematic residency program for artists and deep minds attuned to the theme. The program brings together international artists and professionals from different backgrounds. Artistic, scientific, meditative and existentialistic approaches are all equally embraced.

The residency can be dedicated for concentrating intensively on your work, inner development and reflection, as well as for exchanging thoughts and approaches with other, similarily oriented minds. There is no pressure to have a concrete productive outcome, in case your focus is more in inner development, self-reflection and research. All participation in group activities is voluntary.

In order to help you stay present, the program structure includes some special features, such as internet-free time, silent (non-speaking) days and the possibility to follow a daily meditation routine in a space reserved for the purpose (see program details below).

Wintertime Journey

Located in the rural area of Hämeenkyrö county, far from the city lights, Arteles Creative Center gives you an opportunity to focus on your existence surrounded with pure and peaceful Nordic nature. There are countless forests, fields and small countryside roads to be explored freely in the region.

Winter in Finland consists mainly of silence, darkness and stillness, making it the ideal environment for inner journeys. Days are short and the sun stays low on the horizon. Shades of white, black and grey dominate the monotone landscapes, long blue moments preceding the dark. On clear nights, the milky way, shooting stars and satellites are clearly visible on the sky. If you get lucky, you may even catch the Northern Lights.

December is one of the darkest months of the year. January and February are normally somewhat snowier and colder, March already bringing more light into the days. Weathers in general are unpredictable and can vary a lot in a short time, from blinding snow storms to total stillness.

Made for artists & creatives
Studio spaces & private bedrooms. Photo studio. 24/7 access.
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Scheduled meditation
For those interested in meditation, scheduled morning + evening sessions in the meditation space.
Residency assistant
We assist you with projects and practicalities, introduce the surroundings etc.
Award-winning landscapes
Explore forests, lakes & fields and find skies full of stars and satellites.
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Shoot bright & print large
Studio room with flashlights, softboxes, LED lights, reflectors, tripods, green screen... See list
Stay focused
Silent days and offline time.
Weekly meetings (voluntary), discussions and support.
Authentic rural environment
Arteles Creative Center is located in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.
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Tools for you
Wide selection of creative gear, equipment and tools for you to use.
See full list here
Share your experience
Get published in Arteles Catalogue and be promoted through our online network. See Catalogue
Get r.e.l.a.x.e.d
Traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna built in 1961, for when you feel like it is time to relax.
Wroom wroom - get around
Car with automatic gears to be used for regional travels and field trips.
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The residency program includes:

For creative practice:

  • Studio spaces and facilities 24 h access — See facilities here
  • Photo studio with tripods, lights, reflectors etc. — See list here
  • Creative equipment & tools, incl. projectors, sound gear, printer, scanner etc. — See list here
  • Scheduled daily meditation sessions in meditation space (voluntary)
  • Assistant to help you with projects and practicalities
  • Weekly group meetings and support (voluntary)
  • Online artist promotion
  • Artist pages in Arteles Catalogue / new artist promotion database (published in 2018)

For everyday life:

  • Private bedrooms, incl. towels and bedlinen
    - Note: There are large working desks also in all bedrooms.
  • Fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • Traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • Residency car (with automatic gears) for getting around the region
  • Internet access (limited in this program, see details above)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Pure Northern nature and silence

For starters:

  • Pick-up service for arrivals and departures — See how to get here
  • Orientation & introduction to get you settled in
  • Assistance in finding the materials you need

Special program details

To support focus and awareness during your stay, the program includes the following special conditions:

Internet access
Internet access is limited in this program. After the first 2-3 days, there will be a week-long reset/offline period with no internet available*. Afterwards, if internet is needed, it is available in a room with the residency laptop (or with your own laptop). There is no wifi available during the program.
*In case of e.g. work/school commitment that requires internet access and cannot be dealt with any other way, temporary access can be arranged by consulting the residency staff in advance.

Silent days
The program includes 1-2 silent (no speaking) days per week.


Residents have the possibility to take a break from their cellphones and have them stored in the office. In case of an urgent need, friends & family can contact the participants via Arteles staff. This way the residents can enjoy their cell-free time in peace, knowing that they will be informed by the staff if needed. There is also an emergency phone at the residency.

Residents have the option to follow a scheduled (morning + evening) meditation routine in a space especially reserved for meditating and silent being. Mats, benches and cushions are also provided. Meditation sessions are voluntary and self-directed and they do not follow any specific school/tradition.


Stress-free environment
To prevent any kind of stress or deadline pressure, there is no show/event included in the program. Rather than aiming for a production-oriented goal, this program focuses on personal, long-term development and opening up for new influences and ideas.

Residency periods

1 or 2 months
Months: December 2018 / January 2019 / February 2019 / March 2019
Our residency periods follow the monthly calendar.
The periods start on the 2nd day of the month and end on the last day of the month.
(If necessary, arriving some days later or leaving a bit earlier within the period is possible.)

Program fees

Financial assistance is available for residents selected to join the program.
The current support provided by Arteles is 50 % of the residency fee.

Residency fees including support:
970 € / month for 1 person: single room + studio space
1480 € / month for 2 persons: double room + studio space

The fees include the registration fee (120 € / month / person - non-refundable)

Contributor's fees (fees without support)
1940 € / month for 1 person: single room + studio space
2960 € / month for 2 persons: double room + studio space

Resident's short-term guests/visitors:
30 € / night / person - needs to be agreed with the staff in advance

Read more about financial support

Who can apply

We are looking for emerging and professional artists, creatives and interesting individuals widely from different fields and backgrounds. In the selection process, an emphasis is put on applicant’s motivation, creativity and suitability to the program. We value authenticity and originality. You must be at least 23 or older to apply.

We do not require a project proposal in the application, as we understand that when working in the creative field, your subjects, interests and working methods tend to change and evolve along the way.

Artist duos are also welcome to apply. Non-artist spouses, partners and friends are welcome as short-term guests only. Please note that children are not permitted in the residency.

To apply to residency you need to

1. Read the terms and conditions of Arteles Creative Center
2. Fill out and submit the following application form:
(if your browser does not support the application form below, please contact and we will send you the application form.)

Application round is closed

If you need any help or more information, please contact: info[at]

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