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Intensive residency program

Linda Loh
Melbourne, Australia

Visual Art, new media, video, painting


Linda captures incidents of fleeting colour, light or reflection, then submits them to an iterative process of translation, using a fusion of digital, photographic and painterly procedures. She also makes minimal installations with shiny objects, and paintings with electronic devices or liquid pigments. These in turn could be source material for further pieces. Works may include digital files to be shared and viewed online, digital pigment prints - small or huge, on paper or fabric - screen based moving image works and projection installations. Deploying abstraction, she plays with perceptual experience, and ponders the aesthetic dichotomies of works arising from quiet, light-based phenomena, alternating with those that embrace vivid colour and strong forms. Increasingly, she is interested in methods and opportunities to present her work in the intangible online space, beyond the boundaries imposed by the physical, political, and commercial world. Such an approach, as yet undeveloped and experimental, aligns with her interest in the ephemeral elusive nature of experience and perception, and indeed mind itself.

Stijn Pommée
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visual arts, writing


Amsterdam based artist Stijn Pommee (1994) graduated in 2016 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (NL) and has been working at the Academy as a tutor since then.

He often works with simple gestures, using different means such as texts, images and interventions in public space.
Dierdre Pearce
Canberra, Australia

Sculpture, installation


"I am a sculpture and installation artist who makes ‘objects for thinking with’ that operate as tools, costumes and toys."

I am a sculpture and installation artist fascinated by relationships between people and technologies. I make ‘objects for thinking with’ that operate as tools, costumes and toys, and present the works in interactive installations, or interventions in non-gallery spaces.

My current focus is the relationship between a physical, embodied self and a digital ‘presence’. How is this experienced and reconciled? What are the implications for managing an integrity of self, relationships with others, and functions such as memory, daydreaming, analytical thought and prayer? While its possible to imagine digital presence as a copy of an individual, I think it is one that is unavoidably altered by the manner in which it is created - attributes established in response to corporate drivers, histories aggregated with those of multitudes of other individuals, and faculties defined by algorithms created by data technologists. I am exploring this idea in a new research project which spans digital constructs and wearable objects over the next few years.

I am completing a PhD in visual arts at the School of Art and Design, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia and have previously been an academic in biological chemistry. In both disciplines I make and test objects as a way of understanding the world, and work at the interface between people and the technologies they create.

Stella Teunissen
Ghent, Belgium

Visual Arts, textile design


I am a visual artist and textile designer from The Netherlands, currently based in Ghent. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Product Design at the Utrecht School of Arts, I graduated for my Master’s in Textile Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent.

During my master studies, I developed working methods in which I constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed materials. I unravelled my own dyed knits and knitted them again. Furthermore, I had cut screen-printed sheets of wood into strips, and wove them back into a surface again. Within this play of shape, colour and material, the final outcome of the design originates partly by chance, creating a ‘controlled accident’, which sometimes even surprises me as the experiments’ instigator. This constant loss of control runs like a red thread through my work. Recently I started to experiment with natural dyeing of yarn and fabric, using plant materials found in my own garden. Many factors in the dyeing process influence the result. In this way of experimenting with colouring and printing on textiles, I discovered again an exciting unpredictability in the process.

I consider my time at Arteles as a time to experiment. I am eager to learn new techniques and I am curious and open-minded about the ways in which a natural setting can influence my work. Being in surroundings without outside pressure I hope to find a mindful daily rhythm, that allows me to re-discover the joy of making.
Kendall Schauder
Chicago, IL USA

Fibers, art &tech, performance


Kendall schauder is an artist who is comfortable working with a variety of mediums. Her pieces explore her experience of living with dyslexia and she draws inspiration from textiles and how they are created. For kendall textiles have become a language to be read; a language that comes to her more naturally than reading & writing the English language. By learning about materials, techniques & machinery kendall has come to understand this way of reading, and her performances & sculptures capture these moments of comprehension. Through her work, kendall questions her own capabilities of learning & activates her curiosity.
Helen Lee
Chicago, IL, USA

Performance, Video, Installation


"How can I travel to myself, to you? What is your original nature? Where is my original home?"

My passions and curiosities have always leaned towards the sensorial, the tactile, the internal workings; how these components can bring us closer to truth, self discovery and evolution in ourselves, to other people and our environment. As part of my process, I utilize silence, mindfulness, exploratory pursuits in sensory stimulation and deprivation and various movement formats including Yoga and Butoh.

Stillness, pause, slowing down can present itself to be quite a challenge as our world evolves technologically. In a culture of massive sensory overload, we often have some place to be, something to do. It is easy to numb ourselves, to hide, run away or find a new distraction. I am curious of the fears that consume us when we try to move out of our comfort zones. What I find quite wonderful and fascinating is the continuous ebbs and flows of this practice. I believe there is a never a final destination in anything that we do.

Studying Dance and Theatre at University of Hawaii at Manoa was a transformative time in where I made discoveries about self acceptance and courage. Currently, I am a MFA candidate at the School of Art Institute Chicago in the Performance Department with an interest in Film, Video, New Media and Animation. In my new work, ""a glimpse of me, my mom"" I am unpacking family history, investigating home, identity, memory, travel, migration, immigration, displacement, belonging, guilt, shame and what it means to be Korean American through performance, storytelling, video, animation and installation.
Zackery Hobler
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



"He wanders about a photograph's longevity; he wants to make poetry if he can."

Zackery Hobler made his most recent pictures while following a prescribed burn team through Southern Ontario. In early spring, the team develops prescriptions for tracts of land owned by conservation authorities for the purposes of restoration and propagation of native species. While these fires have their own specific environmental goals, the dramatic beauty of the human-led interventions in the invasion of foreign flora are the linchpin of systemic and ongoing benefits.

The images depict boundaries of space between the viewer and the landscape, and the boundaries of time, of heat and fuel. Flames rising up in seconds, soon disappearing, and the ashes are left on the land for what comes. While recognizing the attempts of conservation, these pictures also recognize the attempts of pictures to convey a cautious optimism about the future of colonialism and the relationship of creating a visual history of the new landscape returning to some resemblance of the old, change opening the landscape for repair, to accompany the voices reconciling land where barriers have been built for centuries.

While at Arteles, Hobler plans on reflecting on this recently made work and taking advantage of the technological solitude to read and get in touch with the poetic aspects of his photographic exploration: to glean openly and sort later, uncovering the flurry of thoughts that accompany the mental scattering of the technology-soaked first world. Hobler wonders about a photograph's longevity in a society headed toward post-capitalism, wandering about to make poetry of it if he can.
Gail Baar
Highland Park, Illinois, USA

Visual art, fiber art


"I am intrigued by learning how to say more with less."

I am a musician and visual artist. For the past 12 years I have been using fabric to explore simplicity and minimalism. By using simple shapes I play with interaction and relationships. These shapes can suggest human forms or become a visual landscape and interpret our interaction with what we see. I am using a pared down palette of white, black and grays to lose the distraction of color, leaving space for silence. Sometimes the simple shapes contrast with stitched lines, or fabric that has been painted or marked in some way. I often use paper and make collages to jumpstart the creative process. As I find a place to store artwork, I think about the differences between musicians and artists - one works with sound, the other visually, and how in the end what we are trying to accomplish is the same.
Zoë Ranson
London, UK

Fiction, creative non-fiction, text-based performance


"lux et umbre vicissm sed semper amor"

I'm a fiction writer and performer, from Hackney, via Walton-on-the-Naze. I make stories, from the very short, to the epically long, sometimes for the stage.

Naturally drawn to the off-kilter, my work concerns identity, with a focus on the magical space between adolescence and adulthood, where the boundaries of possibility and inception blur.

Pop Music has been my lodestar since childhood, and plays a dynamic role in my practice. I’m interested in frictions between sexual politics and popular culture, and the lasting impact of founding cultural experiences on the artistic mind.

Lately I find myself pre-occupied with the idea of 'home' - what that is, and how the notion of it changes. During my residency I'm interested in the effects of exchanging the noise and grime of my city for the stillness and space of the Finnish countryside. How will that shift in tone, temperature and mood impact on what I make and how I think.
Britt Salt

Installation, architecture, sculpture

"I use transparent industrial materials and monochromatic tones to create interactive artworks that explore ephemeral notions of form and space."

My practice is an ongoing spatial experiment where fundamental elements such as line, form and space intertwine. Employing repetition and materials that have an inherent ability to create movement, my research centres on the symbiosis of art and architectural practice and questions how these genres influence the notion of place and impermanence in contemporary urban environments.

Materiality and methodical process are a constant foundation for my conceptual enquiries. Using industrial materials such as metal mesh has led to my engagement specifically with the urban environment and how inhabitants relate and are influenced by their built surroundings. In my sculptural work and site-specific installations materials such as vinyl and aluminium mesh are drawn, folded and woven into unexpected shapes and patterns, creating spaces that gently shift with the viewers’ movement and interaction. When viewed from different angles, manifold patterns and forms emerge; objects can be viewed through other objects, interiors conflate into exteriors, and forms appear then disperse.

My career has increasingly spanned both art and architectural practices, attracting awards such as the prestigious Art & Australia/ Credit Suisse Private Banking Emerging Artist Award in 2013. Significant achievements also include receipt of the Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists, supporting residencies at ACME studios (London), Draw International (France) and Red Gate Gallery (Beijing). In 2015 I was curated into Sala del Portal, Venice, which coincided with the 56th Venice Biennale; I also undertook a residency at Youkobo Art Space Residency, Tokyo. In 2018, I will travel to Finland and Iceland to develop new work.
Luther Bangert
New York City, USA

Juggling, movement, performance


I am a juggler and a mover, seeking and exploring the dialogue and potentiality between objects and body, through contemplative play. My performances and practices draw upon traditional circus technique, contemporary circus, yoga, martial arts, butoh, and contemporary dance. These are synthesized into a field where the inherent spectacle of juggling can be as deep as its contemplative and expressive ability.

In my juggling, I look for new pathways through space, how to let an object can carry the body, how to leave the body behind, how to affect form and the space within it, how to find the stillness in between the movements. How to tell a story with abstract and unclaimed movement and play.

In these days, I live in New York City, street and stage performing, collaborating, practicing, learning.
Za Othman
Edinburgh, Scotland



"I like painting late into the night while listening to Leonard Cohen."

I like painting through the night and into the small hours. There’s a unique feeling that comes from working all night whilst the rest of the world sleeps, with only my paints and Leonard Cohen for company.

I look forward to meeting the characters that appear on the canvas, and enjoy seeing the different responses they get from others. It amuses me that people can find them silly and humorous, but also dark and sinister at the same time – like the Muppets directed by David Lynch.

My dream is to let these characters tell old stories in new ways, and maybe one day give them life in a travelling puppet show that ventures to the Western Isles off Ireland and Scotland.
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