Enter Text residency program
J. Sayuri
Portland, OR, USA

Illustration, Video Art


“Jill of all Trades”

I am a multimedia artist, born and raised in Los Angeles, California and currently working and living in Portland, Oregon. The mediums I work with depend entirely on the project at hand, however, I am currently working in video art and digital illustration. One of the more exciting projects that I am working on is ASMR Crafting with Sayuri and Gabby La La - a highly stylized ASMR crafting show that features myself and my collaborator creating both mundane and fantastical crafting projects.
Jane Tolerton
New Zealand



I am a New Zealand non-fiction writer who has mainly written about women and World War One. I did a history degree and journalism diploma and worked for newspapers and magazines before writing an award-winning biography of Ettie Rout, a New Zealander who was probably first in the world to run a safer sex campaign - during World War One. I interviewed 85 veterans of that war and have done two books from the interviews. My other oral history books are Convent Girls and Sixties Chicks. My 2017 book was Make Her Praises Heard Afar: NZ women overseas in WW1. I have just put out a little book for the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage: But I Changed All That: 'First' New Zealand women. I am working on a book about why New Zealand got the women's vote so early, 1893, but no woman MP until 1933 - a contrast with Finland where women got the vote in 1906 and there were women MPs the following year.
Cally Yu (Yeuk Mu, Yu)
Hong Kong

Literary, theatre, dance


"Imagination is my medicine."

Ji am a Hong Kong based Chinese writer. I enjoy dancing with words, playing with different textures of experiences, Imagination is my medicine. Green is my music, I write poems, short stories, theater text and art critics. I also formed a community art project group, named grey and green ping pong, to advocate creative aging.

Teresa Cervantes &
Daniel Zentmeyer

Philadelphia, USA

Performance, poetry, sculpture

We work with repetition, breaking the habits of language, language as drawing, fragments, fonts, rearrangement, new languages, old languages, translation, listening, Spanglish, borders, temporality, the everyday, new value systems, improvisation, historical contexts, spacial contexts, personal contexts, skin, mythologies, debt, disruption, democracy, risk, rescuing ourselves from statistical oblivion, hope, horizons and horizontality, overlaps, left overs, bread, coffee, ethics, public language, signage, spectacle, scraps, clay, malleable histories, bicycles, sincerity, moving images, storytelling, dust, dance, and choreography.

We are working towards revealing alternate possibilities for movement and being in our collective lives.
Ximena Perez-Grobet

Book art


"Book artist"

Ximena Pérez-Grobet, founder and owner of Nowhereman Press, has been creating her own artists books since 1994. Her work has been shown in galleries, book fairs and museums throughout Europe, USA, Mexico and Latin America.

She also collaborates with other artists and collectives, producing artists books and special editions. She is the director of Artists’ Books for Artists, receiving commissions from other artists to turn their projects into books.

She has worked as an editorial designer and art book producer in various publishing houses around the world. She also collaborates in museums and public with artists books workshops.

Awards: 2010 – Charnwood Book Prize, UK for her artist book 24 hours, Nowhereman Press. 2011 / 2013 – Art Libris & Banc de Sabadell, Barcelona for her Incis: Mar Arza and El Laberinto de la soledad de Octavio Paz.
Anna Carlson
Minneapolis, USA

Textiles, text, printmaking


"Textural/textual patterns on cloth and paper"

Anna Carlson is a visual artist practicing in the ever-changing climate of Minnesota, USA. She earned her MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota in 2013, after a long career in clothing design. Since 2013, her work has been recognized in numerous exhibitions including the New Bedford Art Museum (Massachusetts, USA) and Oregon College of Art and Craft (USA).

Carlson creates patterned surfaces to illustrate how language — spoken, written, and worn on the body — captures a moment in time.
She builds layered surfaces with transcribed stories, thread-traced words, and imprinted images that refer to the intertwining of people and places that influence a kinetic self-identity.

These altered texts and textiles reflect the changing nature of words and meaning as well, and how we navigate these shifts. Ambiguity plays an important role in this work, connecting viewers with their own memories. Carlson aims to create interventions — objects/texts that will prompt recollections — that will alter the course she and fellow wonderers/wanderers choose to take next.
Nathan Bell
Los Angeles, USA

Painting, drawing, sculpture


Nathan Bell is a Los Angeles based artist and designer. He is strongly influenced by music, pop culture and vintage graphics, blending his ideas with a hand done aesthetic. Bell cleverly crafts words in his drawings and paintings to describe life scenarios. Often combining his talents as artist and designer. His works have been shown at Subliminal Projects, The Hole NYC, HVW8, ForYourArt, See Line Gallery, and Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery alongside artists including Dave Muller, Johanna Jackson, Ed Fella, Sage Vaughn, Ron English, and Shepard Fairey. Bell’s work has been featured in Artslant’s Collector’s Catalogue as well as books, catalogues and various music related materials.
Joanne Anderton
Sydney, Australia



"I am a writer who loves all things weird."

My primary genres are science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and I love to explore anything a little out of the ordinary. I have published a trilogy of science fiction/fantasy novels, 'Debris', 'Suited' and 'Guardian'. I've also published a collection of short stories, 'The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories'. My speculative fiction has won two Aurealis Awards, an Australian Shadows Award and a Ditmar.

I have recently started branching out into different genres and forms. My children's picture book 'The Flying Optometrist' was published in 2018 and is inspired by the work my father does in remote and regional NSW. I have just completed a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing, and discovered a love of non-fiction and the personal essay. Speculative fiction will always be my first love and I will never stop writing my strange, creepy little tales. But there are different kinds of stories, and I feel like I’m finally giving myself permission to find the right way to tell them.

I’m excited for the space and dedicated writing time Arteles will provide, and will use it to complete the projects I began in my Masters. In particular, a novella about ghosts, relationships, and old houses.
Aliye Ummanel

Poetry, drama, theatre director

"I was born to write. So I write."

Began with poetry and added drama. Studied American Culture and Literature and then had an MA degree on Theatre Theory, Criticism and Dramaturgy. Never thought of theatre practice but became a theatre director. The Artistic Director of Nicosia Turkish Municipal Theatre and dramaturge (responsible for the repertoire) of Cyprus Theatre Festival nowadays.

Have two poetry books published (Kuyu/The Well and Düş Geceye Düşünce/When Dream Fall Upon The Night) and have three plays staged (Passa Tempo, Kayıp/The Missing, Ev/The House). Many poems published in several magazines, a play (Passa Tempo) published in a French anthology. Three plays translated into English and Greek. Directed eight plays. Both in poetry and drama I am interested in simplicity, depth and rhtym. I try to transfer my style in poetry to my dramatic work both in writing and directing. In my poems you can hear an existentialist’s voice and meet the motifs of the island I come from: yellow fields, owls, the sea, the moon (Cyprus has one of its own) etc. Love is also a very common theme. And in my dramatic work I am deeply interested in what is happening beyond what is seen. I try to deal with social and political issues of my generation who was born and raised within a political conflict and through my art I try to understand and fight against this conflict. My plays several times brought people of the divided island together to watch their common stories.
Anja Savic
Belgrade, Serbia

Calligraphy, typographic design

"The reason we go to poetry is not for wisdom, but for the dismantling of wisdom." - Jacques Lacan

"Anja Savic is an artist and designer with a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Bard College (New York), an M.Res. in Humanities and Cultural Studies from The London Consortium/Birkbeck College (London) and further study in Graphic Design at Parsons School of Art + Design (NY). In her work experience in advertising she discovered a passion for typography and letterforms, which she now marries with her literary + cultural theory background to unpack and reinterpret text and language through a form of visual poetry. Her calligraphy is not the traditional calligraphy of perfectly rehearsed line weights, curves and swashes, but rather an intuitive, curious and even perhaps rebellious attempt to get to the core - the spirit - of a particular word or phrase and then reimagine and reconstruct it in a more visual, tactile form. "
Chloe Maree Higgins
Wollongong, Australia

Creative non-fiction, memoir, essay


Chloe Higgins is the founder and Chair of Wollongong Writers Festival. She was the 2016 Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre Emerging Writer-in-Residence and the Varuna/Ray Koppe Young Writers’ Resident. In May 2017, she was named the winner of the Feminartsy Memoir Prize (AUS), and in February 2018, won third place in Glimmer Train’s Family Matters competition (USA). She recently signed with the Jane Novak Literary Agency for her debut book, 'The Girls', a memoir about grief, guilt, family dynamics, and socially-stigmatised sex. 'The Girls' will be published by Picador in June, 2019.
Aaron Sandnes
Los Angeles, USA

Sculpture, drawing, painting


It is important for me to use the platform of art making to address my political concerns. My artwork directs attention towards social themes of power, violence and anarchism by subverting minimalist tropes. As an artist, I make my work from the position of the Anti-Hero. For me, the symbol of the Anti-Hero (commonly understood to lack conventional heroic attributes) represents the idea of overcoming alienation. This theme allows me to explore my political interests while simultaneously drawing from my life experiences. I adopt certain languages from the Minimalist canon with a distinct political slant. Ad Reinhart's Black Painting(s) enact a form of protest addressing social and artistic ideals. My Death Marks the Spot series act in protest to governmental, capitalist violence. Politically, I am focused on the spaces in which commitment to any ideology obstructs humanity from progressing. I reference anarchy as I see anarchistic acts as attempts to reconcile these obstructions. Though my artwork spans a range of disciplines I often employ red herrings as a conceptual framework to contradict the expectations of my gestures with political themes. Exploiting seductive aesthetics is a methodology that enables me to interject my political positions without being overtly didactic. By producing accessible art objects, I am able to permeate my position from the inside, rather than explicit display from the outside.
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