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Franki Sparke
Canberra, Australia

Visual artist, printmaker, illustrator


"Just a visual artist - that covers everything."

I am an Australian visual artist, primarily a printmaker and illustrator. For over forty years I have exhibited and made public artworks in my home town of Canberra, Australia, while my work has been represented at international events such as the Krakow Print Triennial, the Guanlan Print Biennial and the Bologna Children's Book Fair. I have won illustration awards in Australia, UK, Italy and South Korea.

I have an ongoing interest in all kinds of print, pictographic elements and picture narratives in the visual arts, books and comics - for both adults and children.

My current focus is on just a few significant personal projects involving graphic narratives and independent publishing.
Sarah Tse
Hong Kong

Mixed media, painting


Sarah Tse is a mixed media artist, whose works address the theme of portraiture, personal identity, notion of beauty and power. Sarah’s artwork depicts the sensuality of females through mixed mediums, complex textures and bright colours.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London in 2009.

Between 2010-2017, Sarah lived in New York painting and exhibiting. She developed a unique visual language with magazine clips, acrylic paint, pencil and found objects to create an unconventional surface on paper and canvas. In 2017, Sarah moved to Shanghai to open her dream art pancake cafe ‘FOMO’ in Xintiandi. She was determined to apply her artistic sense in the culinary world. One year later, Fomo expanded from a small cafe to a ground level 88-seat brunch restaurant on the main street Daixue Road.

Sarah had participated in over a hundred solo and group exhibitions in New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong. She also participated in international art fairs such as Lon- don Art Fair, Scope Art Fair New York, Art Taipei, Jing Art Fair Beijing, Tokyo Art Fair, Asia Contemporary Art Hong Kong. It Sarah’s artworks are in the permanent collection at the V&A Museum in London and The Ingram Collection at the Lightbox in the UK.

Sarah currently resides in Hong Kong.
Eleanor Thorp
Richmond, VA, USA

Mixed media


Eleanor Mahin Thorp (b. London, UK) is an artist living and working in Richmond, VA. Thorp's mixed media works focus on the intersections between Persian animism and geology. In her work she explores the animistic quality of rocks and how they are distorted and abstracted by human impact. Through site visits, she constructs images of rived landscapes by searching for images, figures, words, animals, and forms embedded in the stone to express their intrinsic power to absorb our histories. She obtained her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and has been recognized through various accolades such as a Virginia Museum of Fine Art Fellow, and as a Hopper Prize Finalist.

Arielle Brackett
Portland, Oregon, USA

Metalsmithing, fibers, mixed media

"Arielle Brackett is a metalsmith and mix media artist who will be using a variety of textile techniques and metal components to create a series of water studies while at Arteles."

Arielle Brackett received her BFA in metals at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2017. She received various awards including the Juror’s Choice Award in Jewelry from CraftForms 2021. She has shown nationally and internationally. Internationally she has shown at; Craft Council of British Columbia in Vancouver BC, Canada, Arcub Gabroveni in Bucharest, Romania, National Library of Romania in Bucharest, Romania, Winzavod Contemporary Art Center in Moscow, Russia, and at the Museum of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She has participated twice in Romania Jewelry Week and once in New York City Jewelry Week.

Brackett received full ride scholarships to study in Le Barroux, France, Grand Junction, Colorado and at Penland School of Craft. She received scholarships to participate in a collaborative project called Frogwood in 2021 and 2023. Brackett was a resident artist at Sou’wester Art in Washington and is currently a Glean Artist in residence in Oregon. Brackett has been published in numerous books, magazines and online platforms. She was published in SNAG Jams 2018, and How Art Heals, by Andra Stanton.
Edane Ng
Manchester, UK / Malaysia

Classical music, animation


"A multidisciplinary artist who integrates classical music and animation for social causes."

Malaysian-born, classically trained multimedia artist Edane Ng, also known as E-da-nee NG, is a one-of-a-kind pianist. Her ability to use the most traditional musical instrument to convey messages about social issues and inequality makes her a unique voice in the classical music environment. (Curious Curators, Sound of Life)  

Considered by many as one of the most promising stars among the new generation of classical pianists, Edane won the Asia Music Competition and the 6th Asian Youth Music Competition in Malaysia, and many international awards in Asia and UK. Her commissioned performances and funders include Brighter Sounds,SoundUK, PINS, Factory International, Yamaha, Help Musicians UK.  

Founder of The daring artists, E-da-nee won the RNCM Creative Innovators Award and and currently touring the debut project, Healing Our Child Within. Features include Factory Sessions, Sound of Life, and Free Malaysia Today. She was also featured in a short film titled Rebirth Of Classical Musicians In A Pandemic with BFM 89.9.  

As a Southeast Asian female pianist, Edane aspires to use her voice as a musician to highlight neglected societal concerns, particularly children rights, and to bring in a new audiences into the classical music scene.

Photo by Marieke Macklon
Arlene MacLeod
Maine, USA

Writing, painting


I write fiction, trying to immerse myself and readers in another world. I'm inspired by place, especially natural places that gather within themselves multiple histories and the complexity of many lives. I love novels, for the way they expand outwards into mystery, and for their ability to delve into one person's character and also wander into all sorts of digressions that resonate. My favorite novels are the epic and haunting sort, that linger with images in your mind. In painting, I'm inspired by art that emphasizes color and emotion, that begins with the truth and surprises of looking hard at a subject. I am finding the tension between looking outside myself while painting, and imagining deeply while writing to be important.

I live in Maine, in the northeast US, near the ocean. I love to walk, swim, and be out in nature. I have a grown son with a son of his own, so I'm now a mother and a grandmother. I recently retired as a professor of politics, where I focused on understanding imagination and change.

I've published two novels, A Necessary Garden and Far Other Worlds, and two story collections, In an Italian Garden, and Ruins. These days, I’m working on a novel set in the early 1700s in France, Sweden, and Denmark, and painting watercolor landscapes. I’m very interested in exploring the ideas and realities of North.
John Tonkin

Experimental film, media arts, virtual reality

John has been a practising new media artist since 1985. In 1999-2000 he received a fellowship from the Australia Council's New Media Arts Board. His broad interests have been around the creative possibilities of computation, particularly focused on interaction as a means of physical and conceptual play. Many of these projects have engaged with ideas that have grown out of a long-term interest in the sciences and an ongoing investigation into our attempts to make sense of the world. They have included many participative works that were formed through the accumulated interactions of the audience. John's recent projects have included several large-scale public art commissions that have expanded his interest in interactivity into the public domain, as well as a series of interactive video works that investigate visual perception as being grounded in a sensorium of bodily sensations and activated through the dynamic movements of the body. He is currently extending this research to explore the possibilities and problematics of VR technologies. John lectures in contemporary art at Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney.
Gillian Hagenus
Adelaide, Australia

Creative writing


"We are the Haunting. And we are pleased to meet her."

Writer, Editor, Book Devourer. I work primarily in contemporary Gothic fiction, most recently specialising in Australian Suburban Gothic. My work reveals the unsettling nature of our domestic spaces and experiences and revolves around female entrapment. There are usually a lot of ghosts (it's a symptom of the genre). I love short stories as a creative medium for the possibilities and challenging limitations they present, however, my current aim is to extend into novella and novel formats. I'm inspired by writers who stretch the boundaries of possibility in fiction and hope to write a fever dream of a novel the likes of David Mitchell's Number9dream or George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo. I solve all my creative problems by running and sometimes need to write amongst chaos to unlock the good stuff.
DIrk Bahmann
Johannesburg, South Africa

Sculpture, installation

"Exploring Numinous atmospheres"

I am an architect, artist, academic and maker studying, (Wits school of arts) and working at School of Architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand. Currently, I am embarked on a creative practice PhD that seeks methods to articulate the ineffable nature/s of Numinous architectural atmospheres and their use within an architectural pedagogy.

Adele Dumont


Adele Dumont is an Australian writer and critic. Her work has appeared in Griffith Review, Meanjin, Southerly, ABR, and Sydney Review of Books. Adele’s first book, No Man is an Island, is an account of her experiences teaching English to asylum seekers in detention. Her second, The Pulling, is a collection of personal essays exploring mental illness, and is forthcoming with Scribe Australia & UK.

Adele lives in Sydney, where she works as an English language teacher and examiner.

When she needs a break from text and from screens, she enjoys baking, bushwalking, and eavesdropping.

Emma van Dobben
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Photography, video, sculpture


Visual artist, mainly working with photography and video. My wish is to always take in my direct environment with full attention and curiosity. My current project is about the difficulty of truely having attention. My mind is often in the future, making plans. I hardly ever do nothing. While waiting for the bus my mobile is my loyal companion. I will make my attention span, or the lack of it, visible. During my stay in Arteles I ll work further on this.

Brian C. Patterson



"Artist or whatever."

Video. Meditation. Nature. Narrative. Naps. The predicament of human consciousness. Mark making. Experimentation. Listening. Sauna. Breathing.

Tessa Waite
Wales, UK

Drawing, making, moving


"What's the skin I'm in got to do with everything else?"

I find an exciting energy in the interaction between landscape, body and object. I have been exploring emerging ideas about interconnectedness, between self and environment, self and others. In live art and performance I am discovering a new way to connect and engage with those around me, and which is most authentic to me. My physical presence and being, in conjunction with made and found objects, are tools that provide a compelling new way of sharing and communicating with others on themes that matter to me.
Andalyn Young
Philadelphia, USA


I am a writer and facilitator committed to embodied inquiry, reverent attention, and the hilarity of bewilderment. My recent writing takes the shape of hybrid essays spanning personal narrative, ecology, philosophy, and art criticism. I’m interested in fragmentation, juxtaposition, and distillation as portals to unanticipated meaning. I’m equally interested in the lyrical and visionary possibilities of language—words that radiate, complicate, sing, seek, surrender.
Ariel Kusby
Portland, Oregon, USA



"Betwixt & Between"

I write children’s books about magic and witchcraft. When engaged with the magic of the everyday world—through ritual, intention, and imaginative play—we live more deeply connected to other people, to nature, and to ourselves. I want to empower kids (and adults’ inner children) to embrace wonder and curiosity, seek enchantment, and find their unique magic within.

I am interested in the power of ritual, childhood magic, time travel, fairy tales and folklore, somatics, plant medicine, trancework, exploring liminal spaces, inner child healing, poetry as spellcasting, Jungian psychology, Jewish mysticism, and meditation.

My children’s grimoire, The Little Witch’s Book of Spells was published in 2020 by Chronicle Books, and my divination deck/book, The Little Witch’s Oracle Deck will be released in 2024.
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