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Kate Saubestre
France / USA

Painting, sculpture, video

"Kate Saubestre works with discarded/post consumer materials to examine how the relationships between the built environment, their natural surroundings and how these influence psychological experiences."

Kate Saubestre is a French-American artist currently based out of Santa Barbara, California. Her work frequently examines how built environments promote specific ideologies and influence psychological experiences in everyday spaces. For the past decade she has been grappling with her own national identity and environment, as an American citizen “returning” to the United States after never having formerly lived there, conflating offshore imagery and idyllic personal memories with adult first-hand experiences that involve the more complex nuances and realities of the nation she began to unearth as an adult—a reality that was filled with cars, convenience and capitalism, ridden with detrimental societal and environmental consequences which continue to unfold in real time. She also considers herself a “discard artist” as she opts to revitalize and make work from discarded, post-consumer, or natural materials, in an attempt to minimize the carbon footprint she produces as an artist. Kate Saubestre received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and, after working in theatrical production, is a current MFA candidate at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Zoe Hogan
Sydney, Australia

Theatre, writing

I am a teaching artist, writer and researcher based in Sydney, Australia. I am interested in collaborative approaches to creativity and my first love is, and remains, theatre. I love facilitating spaces for self-expression and most of my work in recent years has been with refugee and migrant communities. I recently co-wrote a book, Connecting through Drama, and am currently undertaking arts-based research with The University of Sydney and Sydney Theatre Company.
Audrey Anderson
Calitzdorp, South Africa

Drawing, ink, graphic novels


"Where the is a will there is a way."

South African born artist, Audrey Anderson is motivated by narrative art forms, specifically fine art graphic novels. Drawing in figurative expressions she creates ink drawings, comic zines and narrative farragos. One of her on going projects, Pinch, is a documentary style comic zines taken from real life experiences and interviews. Her aim is to embrace the outside and bring it in and embrace the inside and bring it out. Her source of reference is found in the everyday banal, by seizing it with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Carolina Colichio

Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Drawing


Carolina Colichio (Ribeirão Preto, 1977) lives and works in São Paulo. She holds a BA in Social Communication from Mackenzie University (1999). Over the last 5 years, she has attended several art courses at institutions and also artist’s studios.

Her work moves between painting, sculpture and installation, exploring what is real and what is not. The artist experimentally researches different materials and possibilities from the objects that she produces herself and also collected.

The conceptual connections between the body and nature also is an interest for the artist.
Sara Sonas
Glasgow, UK

Drawing, painting, sculpture


"L O S T"

Sara Sonas is a visual artist who explores materials in relation to their physicality and tactility.

When constructing works, she perceives herself as a receptor; interacting between her environmental and material surroundings while reflecting on existence, transience and our relationship to nature.

Observing, analysing and responding to daily life through dialogue with nature, she reinstates the concept of cyclicity, aiming to find balance and harmony within her work.
Vasarė Krugždaitė
Vilnius, Lithuania

Graphics, photography, drawing


"Science provides us a depth, helps us read the art and understand beauty."

I am a visual artist and graphic designer from Lithuania, currently living in Vilnius.

I create works using various disciplines - cyanotype, tradicional graphic, digital drawing, drawing with fel-tip pens, using watercolor, working with instalations.

I love exploring the nature and working in it. During this precious little time I live, through nature I have been exploring medicine, microbiology, micology and geology as a creative material. Nature encouraged me to jump into different scientific fields, through which I can find connections between nature and human beings. With my works I seek to reveal new forms of nature's beauty and the depth of things, that seem very simple for us sometimes.
Alexandra Neuman
New York, USA

Video, performance, collage


"i come from a vaginal planet, our energy is sourced from a giant hole in the tides"

My work reimagines the human ‘being’ as an ongoing ecological process rather than as an individual body or Self. I seek to articulate the ways in which bodies and planets continuously co-create one another within an ever-changing living matrix.

My visual language engages the power of the grotesque—vaginal openings, intestinal worms, bodily fluids, voluptuous swamps, reptilian secretions—anything carrying the potential to disrupt the boundaries of Self, anything possessing a slithering primordial power.

I use my artistic practice as a research method that is inclusive of and receptive to the Mystery. The creative process is my portal to all the magical, mythical, and matriarchal ways of knowing that have been sacrificed along the trajectories of colonization and patriarchy.

My films have exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, Museum of the Moving Image, and Museum of Sex. I recently published a tarot deck and guidebook 'radical becoming in the ongoing now' with Onomatopee Projects in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

As an extension of my performance practice, I use my tarot deck to give readings at mutual aid events and play parties. In the past year I have been creating and facilitating group workshops in collaboration with Alchemist’s Kitchen and Chemistry-NYC.
Liam Cosford
Southend on Sea, UK

Glass etching, drawing, text

"It is because it is, It is not because it is not."

I am an interdisciplinary visual artist who draws on personal and interpersonal narratives to point towards the connection between all living things. Through research and material experimentation I create artworks that force the viewer to become an intrinsic part of the work, through their own reflection, further heightening the themes of interdependence and connection.
Cameron McCracken
Glasgow, Scotland

Illustration, installation, ceramics


"Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow…"

Cameron McCracken is a neurodivergent socially engaged artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally from Milnathort, Perth & Kinross-shire, Cameron’s practice is primarily the pursuit of a desire to create spaces in which people can relax, renew and revive themselves. The point being to normalise open conversation, spread sociality, and whenever possible raise each other up, not cancel each other out.

The other half of his practice derives from, explores, and unpacks his inner thoughts and experiences in an effort to reflect upon, understand and renew himself. To stay grounded, and be able to maintain the more socially engaged half of his practice, Cameron feels these secondary personal projects ought to continue in tandem.

Cameron takes inspiration from both past and present personal experiences and observations, in turn he attempts to reinterpret these things in a transformative way. He also derives inspiration as an artist from what he and his work can do to help others, be that in simple ways or more involved. By using the mediums of sculpture, illustration, photography, and painting his work expresses a celebration/aspiration of self-love, love for his fellow man and sociality.
Raegan Hodge
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Drawing, painting, photography


Raegan Hodge is a professional artist currently working in Poland documenting Ukrainian refugee stories. She has worked in many humanitarian contexts throughout her career from Afghanistan, South Sudan, Guatemala and India. She has recently explored the themes of mortality and vulnerability more intimately and reflexively in her work following the loss of father and niece last year.

Stefanie Schaut
Genk, Belgium

Visual arts, photography


Stefanie Schaut (1990) is a visual artist living and working in Belgium. She studied at Luca School of Arts with a master degree in Fine Arts, Photography. She’s part of VONK Ateliers back in Belgium and has recently been selected as a ‘Fresh Eyes’-talent 2022 supported by GUP Magazine. Currently she’s working on a personal project together with Bieke Depoorter and other photographers, supported by BREEDBEELD. Her work has been published in magazines and expos throughout the years.

Stefanie Schaut wants to break taboos through her work. Nature plays a central role in her photography. She finds inspiration and frustration in the way we live in the world. We are overwhelmed by stimuli and forget our identity and relationship with society.

The aim of her images is to confront the viewer; to let the viewer turn inwards in order to reflect on their being. In her photography she creates a distance from reality. The slow nature of her photography symbolizes the way in which one should look at the images - intimately and silently. She is looking for a visualtranslation of the invisible emotional world of man.

Yasuna Iman
Paris, France

Painting, sculpture, writing


"shaping transience; endlessly ebbing, eternally flowing."

It’s in the forest that my creative process begins. There, I harvest soils, twigs, leaves, stones, and bring them to the studio, where the alchemy takes place. Impermanence and fragility lie at the core of my practice and the use of materials that inherently carry within themselves these qualities guide me along the way. The tension between lasting and ephemeral, strong and fragile, light and dense is translated into a fluid, often changing abstract visual language. These dualities, present in nature as well as within ourselves, are hinted at using textures, materials, pigments, and shapes of the earth.

Engaging the senses, my artworks beckon to be touched and long contemplated, each time uncovering unseen and unfelt details, emulating those found and hidden in the natural world. Referring to the vastness of nature, wall sculptures and textured paintings still invite closeness in an intimate space of observation and encourage subtle changes of perspective. From plant to pigment, fiber to paper, iron to rust, my work suggests the multitude of transformations one experiences in a lifetime. It invites reflection on our own transient nature, a mirror of the life that endlessly grows and dies around us.
Faith Johnson
Boston, USA

Interactive installation, video, performance


"Finding the magic in the subtle languages of the natural world"

I am an interdisciplinary artist whose current work focuses on ecological relationship building through a reawakening and repairing of the emotional and spiritual connection between humans and the natural world. My work nurtures our innate ability to understand the subtle languages of the Earth. I invite a deepening of connection through direct sensory and extrasensory exploration, and the sharing of dreams and visions in connection to natural sites. My work encompasses poetic solo performance videos as well as facilitating ethereal communal experiences in the form of interactive installations.

Presently I am immersed in my "Water Keepers' Library project - which centers around the expansion of a library of water samples gathered with gratitude from around the world. This water is shared through an interactive installation where I guide metaphysical group communication experiences exploring the consciousness and language of water together.

It takes time to find the magic…. to hear the language….. deep listening, deep seeing….
an opening of senses you didn’t know you had…. dream thoughts…. a way of sifting through the impulses and thought tones moving through your mind…. subtle, communal, connective….. you become more than yourself… a part of the universe and yet completely terrestrial…
Vicki Donkin

Prose fiction, DJing, scriptwriting


Born with a heightened sense of curiosity in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Vicki Donkin tries to find stories in all things by prompting herself to “Imagine if…” This first took shape as writing on her father’s DOS computer and evolved into filmmaking as a young woman. It has since matured into works of prose fiction, many of which have been published in various magazines and shortlisted for awards. Most recently, Vicki has completed her first full-length novel of feminist literature, Body of Water. Her ritual of storytelling also extends to learning languages, experimenting with traditional recipes, and creating narratively structured DJ sets.

Vicki finds comfort in the uncanny and is interested in the (un)natural ways we contort ourselves to receive acceptance. Lately, she is curious as to how our individual use of languages conceals, yet reveals these attempts at contortion and how this understanding can develop in a character-driven narrative.

Sight: All the Names by José Saramago
Sound: Fongola by KOKOKO!
Smell: wet stones
Taste: chimichurri octopus
Touch: ridges on seashells
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