Silence Awareness Existence residency program
Ana Marchand
Montemor o Novo, Portugal

Painting, photo, writing


" To see large within Small"

I see my life in all the fields as an artwork on progress.
the main interest is the experiment the way

I'm very concerned with oriental philosophies.

for long time I was a traveler of the world
Now I'm an inside traveler.

and my interest is:
- art as a constant renewable source of energy.
-art has a meditative object
Ja Min Yie
Seoul, South Korea

Painting, Drawing

By working directly from nature, South Korean artist Ja Min Yie aims to restore “original mind” – to enter a primal non-dual state of being via complete immersion in the encounter between mind and object. Each stroke of paint or ink records a moment of instantaneous convergence between nature and her consciousness, facilitated by the sense of sight. As a result, Ja Min’s works describe a reality that is illuminated from within, neither subjective nor objective but both at once, its luminosity seen through the shadows of passing forms.
Prudence Holloway

Performer, Composer, Sound Designer


Prudence is a performer, musician and composer based in Sydney, she has trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, The Conservatorium of Music and more specifically in the Meisner technique and the Estill Method.

Prudence has composed and sound designed for a number of Sydney-based productions including Brecht's Caucasian Chalk Circle (STS), Flame Trees (Tunks Productions), She is the resident music director of SheShakespeare an all-female Shakespeare company and composed/designed for two sell-out seasons of As you like it & Macbeth.

Prudence is driven by the subtle and nuanced ability of sound composition to support and shape the narrative of stage and screen. She is looking forward to working collaboratively to create soundscapes for works on screen.

Ruhan Feng
Chengdu, China

Drawing, Printmaking, Installation


Ruhan Feng is a visual artist. She works with drawing, printmaking, installations, and photographing.

Born and raised as the only child in a Chinese family and later living alone in the United States for 6 years, she consider herself as a family-raised but self-trained person.

Influenced by Buddhism and Daoism, she pursues the teaching that man is an integral part of the nature. Her work involves time, space, and materiality and investigates her relationships to this world through multi-layered and multi-dimensional perspectives. In her recent work, she looked into her personal experience, memories, and struggles to explore and reconstruct her identities as Chinese, an expatriate, and woman, which ulteriorly challenges the normative and biased definitions of family, marriage, gender, and social character rooted in Chinese traditions.

Ruhan received her MFA in Printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design in 2017, and a BA with honors at Stony Brook University in 2014. In 2018, she was a residence artist at Mass MoCa in US. Also, she is selected for Artist-in Residence program at Anderson Ranch, US in 2019 spring.
Isobel Mark
Sydney, Australia

Photography, videography, sculpture

""Everything exists to end in a photograph" S. Sontag"

I am a Sydney-based visual artist who works across photography, videography and sculpture. My practice considers the physical and performative connotations of the photographic medium and how we can expand our modes of working to consider the medium sculpturally. The photographic lighting studio is utilised in my practice as the site or stage for experimentation and ideation. Most recently I’ve been working on producing large format positive photographic slides that catalogue a specific series of archetypal objects or scenes as well as creating slow moving video works that reference specific photographic tropes.
Agnieszka 'Uisce' Jakubczyk

fibre art, paper art


"Searching for moose poo…"

I am a textile artist originally from Poland, living in Ireland. My primary interest in my artistic practice is weaving. Recently I started experimenting with paper making techniques.

I aim to use my creations as narratives, I want to communicate through my art about issues touching a human as an individual and as a part of society. For this reason, I am searching for common symbols as well as developing my own language of symbols. Symbolism is a subtle tool – many symbols can reach and be understood by people in an emotional as well as intellectual way. I believe such symbols have much more potential for conveying subtle messages than our spoken/written language.

I am inclined to use natural materials and also to include up-cycled materials, which normally are not considered valuable. I have used paper packaging, old unravelled knitwear, birch bark, plastic, black rubbish bags… These things, usually disregarded, have a lot of artistic value as a material, if used in a well planned and thought-through way. Saying it more simply: I am interested in the process and results of transforming something unimportant, even ugly, into beautiful, harmonious and evocative pieces. In my practice using particular materials is significant part of communication through my art.
Esther Flytkjær
Copenhagen, Denmark

Photography, text

I have combined the act of walking and wandering alone with my curiosity for photographing and discovering light in the darkness. I enjoy seeing how light speaks to us and influences our perception of space and the ordinary. My camera is used as a way to connect to my surroundings and nature - and becoming aware of my own existence.

In addition to my artistic practice, I occasionally contribute writing and photography to news publications.

I live and work in Copenhagen, and hold an MA in Media Studies from University of Copenhagen. In 2017, I joined a masterclass at Fatamorgana (The Danish School of Art Photography) and in 2018, I graduated from International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York.
Kelley P Donahue
New York City, USA

Drawing, installation,
ceramic sculpture design


"Channeling thought forms in 2D, 3D and in between"

Kelley Donahue is an artist and ceramics teacher from Brooklyn, NY. The majority of her work is ceramic sculpture (large and small) with layered patterns painted on the surface with underglaze. She also makes experimental pop songs and soundscapes, ink drawings on paper, dresses and costumes inspired by the music and 2 and 3D work. Although ceramics takes up most of her time for making work, she likes to experiment with new materials regularly. She received her MFA from Alfred University in 2014 and has has shown at galleries in Boston, Beijing, and Manhattan.
Angela Ellsworth
Phoenix, Arizona, USA



"I am interested in art merging with everyday life and public and private experiences converging in unexpected places."

Angela Ellsworth is a multidisciplinary artist traversing disciplines of drawing, sculpture, installation, video, and performance. Her solo and collaborative works have taken in wide-ranging subjects such as endurance, illness, social ritual, religious traditions, and spirituality. Her work has been reviewed in Art News, Fiber Arts, Landscape Architecture Magazine, Canadian Art, Frieze Art,, and Performance Research. She has presented work nationally and internationally including the Getty Center (Los Angeles), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney, Australia), Zacheta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw, Poland), National Review of Live Art (Glasgow, Scotland), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Los Angeles, CA), Crystal Bridges (Bentonville, Arkansas), Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver, CO), Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (Scottsdale, AZ), and Phoenix Art Museum (Phoenix, AZ.) Awards and grants include Art Matters, Franklin Furnace, New Jersey State Council on the Arts, The Pennsylvania Council for the Arts, New Forms Regional Initiative Grant, from Mexic-Arte Museum, and DiverseWorks, funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation. She is represented by Lisa Sette Gallery in Phoenix Arizona.

Ellsworth is an Associate Professor in the School of Art in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University and Founding Director of the Museum of Walking located in the Sonoran Desert.
Darryl Rogers
Tasmania, Australia

Video, Virtual Reality,
Augmented Reality Installation

"Exploring the nature of reality by questioning what is matter in order to discover what actually matters"

My practice endeavours to alter the constituent variables of space and time attempting to poke holes in the seemingly impervious materiality of the world around us. This exploration is often resolved in representing the natural elements in time based mediums as a type of durational painting or "timescape". My work whilst originally being video based is continually expanding with new technologies which help question and interpret these ideas in new and exciting ways. I am interested in the what lies beyond the edge of everything and it tends to conjure characteristics of illusion, miracle, quantum mischief and the metaphysical.
Iona Massey
Sydney, Australia

Poetry & fiction

A poet and writer of fiction, Iona loves how words can so lightly depict both the wild and the domestic, the sacred and the everyday, revealing them afresh. Sometimes playfully and sometimes with solemnity, words form the matrix Iona has woven into her multifarious portfolio, informed by the many layers of her experience: as a teacher, nurse, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, explorer, pilgrim and mystic. Winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition, Special Award for a Children's Story 2010, and now with a full-length Young Adult novel completed, Iona looks forward to discovering what creative pearls silence and the Finnish landscape produce.
Tim Moran
Washington, D.C., USA

Painting, Ink Drawing


"Don't think"

I set out to write a description of my work, but as I jotted down notes and fragments of ideas, I ran a bit off course. I began writing more to myself than to you. What unfolded was a sort of credo, a set of directions for my own method of art making.

At first, I thought to call this my “manifesto,” but that was too severe. Then “manual” was too technical. Eventually, I stumbled onto a Latin term that was both accurate and ludicrous, so I present to you the first three chapters of...

The Enchiridion of Semi-Automatic Art

No plans.
No studies.
No sketch.
These things are contrary to the work.

Lay the foundation now. Go as far as you can without stopping.
Curse, regret and obliterate, but leave behind the ghosts of your hesitant marks.
Attack the canvas. Put pride in your feet and your spine and move.
Let symbols be symbols. Let faces be faces.
Lean in to mischief. Keep pulling the thread of curiosity. Experiment. Learn.
Never say no to impulse.
Refine and embellish. Take the collar off your imagination. Make rules and break them.
Get far away and listen. Listen to your instincts. Listen to what others have to say.
Take a break when you start to go crazy.
Take a break when your feet hurt.
Take a break when you’re tired, or you’re sad. When you just can’t today.
You won’t force good art if you have to force it.
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