Silence Awareness Existence residency program
Andalyn Young
Philadelphia, USA

Dance, performance, writing, video


A majority of my work has appeared as collaborative performance incorporating dance, theater, and design. More recently I have expanded into explorations of writing, video, and the merging of contemplative practice with artistic practice.

The work gravitates toward consistent interests: unearthing the sublime in the banal; inviting intimacy in the face of vulnerability; seeking the funny in the tragic and the tragic in the funny.

I begin with the body as a site of inquiry. I'm drawn to states that embrace multiplicity and contradiction. Some days it's all precision and speed; other days, a slow and steady melt.
Brooke Larson

writing, performance, collage


"Let's Waltz the Rumba"

Brooke Larson delights in cross-pollination. Right now she is working on hybrids of poetry and theatre and origami. She plays with science-inspired poetry, lyric essays, prose poems, poem plays, text and taxidermy. Fungi are her favorite animals.

Brooke holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University, and is currently finishing a PhD in English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she is a member of the Milena Theatre Group—a cross-disciplinary writing and performance project. For a number of years she taught primitive survival skills as a wilderness guide. Bits of stone, wood, bone, and shed skin often find their way into her 3D text objects.

Her book Pleasing Tree is available from Arc Pair Press, and chapbooks of her paper theatre, Origami Drama, and poetry, Daughter Particles, are forthcoming.
Diego Javier Alberti

Electronics Arts

"Real guitars are for old people"

I live and work in Buenos Aires. Since I was young, I was interested in computers, robotics, and electronics technologies in general. Video games, radios, sound equipment and videocameras, served as games in my childhood influenced by television, in particular by popular 80's programs about science and technology.

Then I studied Image and Sound Design, and Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires where I found an Electronic Arts fields thanks to my teachers and students (most of them, great artists today).

I spend most of my time making electronic stuff, programming and also dedicated to electronic synthezisers music. I also teach in many of the Electronics Arts degrees on several institutions here in Argentina.

If I would have more free time, I will cook and read much more.

Tanya Long
New York, USA

Visual Art


Tanya Long’s artistic practise is largely focused on finding out what else can be done with analogue photographic tools and materials other than using them in the service of creating a mechanically rendered representation of reality. She works primarily in the color darkroom without negatives. Long is guided in her work by three major interests:

1) The reduction of photography to its essence: light and time.

2) The application of the characteristics of Minimalism and other 1960’s conceptual art to photography. For example, the emphasis on surface, color and objecthood. As well as the use of seriality, systems, standardized industrial materials and performative, pre-conceived actions.

3) Freeing the Photograph from the genre of Photography: the Photograph as Painting, as Sculpture and as Performance. These interests are also applied when working with non-photographic materials.
Leanne Olivier
Pretoria, South Africa

Oil painting, sculpture, performance


"To whom does the right of passage belong?"

My art is about documenting performance art (ritualistic dancing): captured in oil paintings. I am interested in the Shamanistic traditions around the world and use clay, mud, ash and bones as a way of exploring and connecting to a primal source which is found in these shamanistic cultures. The line between human and animal (consciousness) becomes destabilized in my work. The clay slip (clay & water mixture) painted on the bodies and faces is used as a medium (mask) to unmask deeper realities. It goes beyond race, gender and the narrow instructions of what makes us human. It is the recognition or embodiment of the OTHER. I aim to extract the negative connotations which surround the 'animalistic' and use art as a liberation to open a platform for a more embracing and enlightened relation to the complexity of all life.
Matthieu Levet
Brussels, Belgium

Music, sound art, programing

Matthieu Levet works mainly with performative and sonic interventions. He writes and performs electronic music, and presents it in diverse formats, from vinyls and tapes, to sound installations, collective listening sessions, and radio pieces. He experiments with listening conditions, and with composition using formal and material constraints. In 2016, he starts a research project along the eastern part of Europe that he extended recently to Russia during a residency in Vityazevo. The most recent development out of this research process is the creation of Cold Moss, a record label and publishing imprint aiming to create unusual geographical connections between art and music. Along with his solo works he maintains multiple collaborations. He frequently works with other musicians (as Vermisst Susi, Pizza Noise Mafia, Carcass Identity, Crash Toto) as well as with visual artists like filmmaker Camille Picquot and sound artist Diana Duta. He has created the sound environment for commissioned performance works The Bétyle d'Ail by Nils Alix-Tabeling and Leak Out by Anastasia Bay et Julien Saudubray. In 2018, he also presented his work during the collective exhibition Stuttering At Night at Greylight Project in Brussels together with artists Audrey Gleizes, Armand Morin, Julien Saudubray and Kevin Senant.
Franziska Walther
Hamburg, Germany

Book author, illustrator, designer


Creating a book means to me creating a synthesis of the arts. Being the graphic designer as well as the typographer, illustrator, writer and researcher I combine artistic and scientific strategies in an interdisciplinary approach. I work process-oriented and with an open mind – meaning that the journey is the reward and also the journey influences the final outcome in a way which is not predictable. This agility and natural growth requires trust in the process. This is both a considerable task and a great joy to me.

As a kid I wanted to become an archeologist – to decipher secret scriptures. One reason for that was the exotically decorated living room of my aunt Grete who had worked in Egypt and had brought back home objects which sparked my imagination. Later on I wanted to discover the wonders of the world on the vessel of French film maker Jacques Cousteau. The heroine of my youth was Sophie Scholl – I wanted to become as bold as her. In my books I continue that path: by exploring new shores and cultivating courage."
Imogen Davis
London, UK


I focus my practise mainly working with alternative photographic mediums using the environment around me to influence my work. My interests lie in playing with light in different ways to manipulate my images and the objects I have chosen to work with, to create unique photographs.

Whilst creating images, I have in mind the big question of what is it to be conscious and what does that mean. On the face of it, this seems like an easy question. We all know what it is like to be conscious. It allows for our individual experience of the world, making possible the magic and mystery of our everyday life as well as our interaction with an external reality. "This consciousness that is myself of selves, that is everything, and yet nothing at all – what is it? And where did it come from? And why?" We, in human nature, are always trying to explain and understand the world, the longing for certainty within our own specific interests and beliefs and selves. There must be more to life than survival and chance, something must be added from outside of this closed system to account for something as different as the unconscious.

I mostly print in the darkness, the red light of the darkroom enveloping me whilst I navigate in the shadows finding my papers and playing with the light. I have grown to love the inconsistent and originality of each piece I make, encouraging the new and loving the accidents.
Elin Kelsey
Victoria, BC, Canada

Hope and the environment;
Resilience in other species.


"My writing explores the astonishing capacity for resilience that exists within nature and ourselves."

I am fascinated by the extraordinary capacity for resilience and agency that exists within ourselves and within the 8.9 million other species on Earth. Trees have more senses than humans. Evidence of tools used by stone age chimps date back 5,000 years. When you gaze into your dogs eyes, both you, and your dog experience a rush of endorphins that are similar to the chemical reaction that occurs when a mother looks into the face of her baby. I am coming to Finland because I want to be immersed in the productive silence of the forests in the dark of winter. I want to let my mind go quiet so I can shift from an intellectual understanding to a felt visceral awareness of the existence of all of the other plants, animals and microorganisms whose lives make my life possible.
Carter Scott Horton
New York, USA

Actor, writer

Carter Scott Horton received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. In 2018 alone he originated three characters in New York world premieres of professional onstage productions, as well as performed in several classic works.

Carter draws inspiration for his writing from a wide range of work, and dedicates his free time to exploring the boundaries of his taste through new theatre and contemporary film, especially by Lucas Hnath and Yorgos Lanthimos. He holds Shakespeare in a particularly high regard, and guides the integrity of the work into the 21st century by applying a poetic style to his own contemporary ideas. He illuminates the current landscape of American aristocracy in his new play "Auction" ,through the use of iambic pentameter and a streamlined five-act structure.

Carter's intention for his time at Atreles is to challenge the given nature with which we approach reality, up-end that which is needlessly inherited, and pursue the answers for life in a day so concerned with tomorrow. He seeks to acknowledge and embrace the strangeness of our time in new, poetic ways.
Leslie Schwartz
Los Angeles, USA



"The first rule when writing:
Throw out the rules"

Leslie Schwartz, whose career as a writer has spanned nearly three decades, has written two award-winning novels, Jumping the Green and Angels Crest and most recently (July 2018), published a memoir, The Lost Chapters; Finding Recovery and Renewal One Book at a Time. She was recently named Kalliope Magazine's Woman Writer of the Year and has won many awards for her fiction and community service as a writer, including three artist-in-residence grants from the LA Department of Cultural Affairs, the West Hollywood/Algonquin Award for Public Service in the Arts, and a California Council for the Humanities Fellowship. Her two novels have been published in 13 languages. Angels Crest was also adapted for the screen and premiered in theaters in 2013. Her essays and articles have most recently appeared in Salon, LitHub, The Rumpus, Brevity, The Washington Post and Narratively Speaking. She has taught writing at various universities and creative institutions, and currently offers private mentoring and editing services. In 2019 she will launch the Denver-based prison reading program, Words Beyond Bars in California prisons.

Schwartz has an MFA in Nonfiction Writing and is currently writing her fourth book, a novel.
Phoebe Anne Taylor

Photography, writing, performing Arts


As a child, I would daydream. I often found myself caught on the thread of a story and I would let it unravel through the recesses of my subconscious. It was in this space that I found my passion for narrative, and started to explore artistically what that meant for me; in ways expected, such as writing, theatre and film - and mediums which could capture a single moment in time and reveal something larger under the surface - music, visual art and photography. This was how I went about life, discovering my own point of view, throwing myself at every art form with gusto and seeing what stuck.

Today, I am an independent artist working out of Melbourne, Australia. This allows me the freedom to experiment and continue to develop my practice, particularly looking at multi-faceted work. I am known primarily as a theatre practitioner and actor, but I am also a writer and photographer, a textile artist and clown, a musician and occasional painter, a teacher and a student, an explorer and home-body… I am infinitely a visitor in my own brain, finding out new ways to go and see, ever open to the next dreaming.
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