New Course residency program
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Margi Brown Ash

Dr Margi Brown Ash is an award-winning performer/playwright, devisor/director & researcher/ lecturer. She is also a collaborative creative coach, therapist and mentor helping enrich people's lives through art-making, performance and creative writing.

Margi began her acting career in NYC working with Stella Adler. She now lives between Sydney and Brisbane where she works with Queensland Theatre; La Boite Theatre Company and Queensland University of Technology (teaching the RICC Process, one of the outcomes of her PhD). Margi runs her own coaching business 4change coaching and creates original contemporary performances with her company The Nest Ensemble.
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Anna Loren
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Acting, writing, theatre

Anna Loren is an actor, theatre maker and educator. Former Artistic Director of heartBeast Theatre, Loren studied at The Actors Workshop, Brisbane and later at the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, London, after being granted a postgraduate scholarship. Here she developed her skills in devised and experimental theatre practices, exploring innovative modes of storytelling. Loren has trained with a diverse range of companies, directors, voice and movement specialists including Beatrice Pemberton (Complicitè), Gabriel Gawin (Song of the Goat), Struan Leslie (Movement RSC), Irina Brown (Director), Niamh Dowling (Alexander Technique), Barbara Houseman (Voice RSC), LaBoite, Punch Drunk, Zen Zen Zo and the Trinity International Playwriting Festival. As a drama facilitator, she has taught for The Actors Workshop and NIDA Open (Brisbane), as well as The Rose Bruford Youth Theatre, NCS The Challenge and the Drama Club (London).

An Australian woman, of Burmese-Indian descent, Anna is strongly motivated by the need to diversify the landscape of Australian Theatre and, by doing so, broaden our perspective of the Australian experience. Through an MA and a string of productions, Loren has explored ensemble-devised work, as a way of taking greater ownership over her practice. Now a participant in Playlab New-Writing Theatre's Incubator program, she is continuing this journey by writing new work for the stage, work that better represents her as a theatre maker and as a person and, that gives voice to suppressed women's narratives.

Visibility matters, and what place is more visible than centre stage.

Paige Cooper

Writing: Fiction


I'm a fiction writer from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I'm interested in complicity and escapism in the face of this slow-motion apocalypse we're living in, which usually means that my realist short stories have fabulist elements.

My first book, Zolitude (Biblioasis, 2018), won the 2018 Concordia University First Book Prize, was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, and was a finalist for both the Governor General's Literary Award for Fiction, and the Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction. CBC, Toronto Star, The Walrus, The Globe and Mail, The Puritan, and Quill & Quire all listed it among their best books of 2018.

I live in Montreal where I edit fiction for Cosmonauts Avenue and pay the rent with freelance copywriting.
Miranda Gavin
London, UK

Photography, text, performance


I create works using photography, text, film and performance, sometimes under the guise of a persona, The Handbag Projectionist. This work is personally motivated and responds to my life and passions—it is raw and intuitive with the process being as important as the outcome.

These bodies of work often explore identity, gender relations and power dynamics using a variety of approaches that embrace experimentation. Some are situated in domestic contexts in which there is a focus on themes of love, abuse and betrayal. The dissemination of the work, including the spaces in which the work is shown, is as integral to the concept of the work as its subject—context as well as content. Creative personal self-expression knows no boundaries: it is porous, flexible, dynamic and vital.

I am fascinated by life, by philosophy, psychology and the human situation; by flora, fauna, stars and seas. Nature grounds me, inspires me and heals me. I have had a varied life and career. My life and work are difficult to separate and run in tandem, often involving travel including living and working abroad. I am very curious and like to peek round corners to see what is there. I love narratives but also fragments and find myself drawn to paradoxes.
Donna Glee Williams
USA / Mexico

Writing: novels, poetry, short stories


"Taking you to worlds that never were"

Donna Glee Williams was born in Mexico, the daughter of a Kentucky farm-girl and a Texas Aggie large-animal veterinarian. She's been a lot of places; now she makes her home in the mountains of western North Carolina, but the place she lived the longest and still calls home is New Orleans. These days, she earns her daily bread by writing and helping other writers bring their creative visions to light, but in the past she's done the dance as turnabout crew (aka, "maid") on a schooner, as a librarian, as an environmental activist, as a registered nurse , as a teacher and seminar leader, and for a long stint as a professional student. The craft societies in her novels The Braided Path (Edge, 2014) and Dreamers (Edge, 2016) owe a lot to the time she's spent hanging out in villages in Mexico, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Croatia, Italy, Israel, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. As a finalist in the 2015 Roswell Short Science Fiction Awards, her short story ""Saving Seeds"" was performed onstage in Hollywood by Jasika Nicole. Her graceful speculative fiction has been recognized by Honorable Mentions from both the Writers of the Future competition and Gardner Dozois's Best of the Year collection. Her poetry has been published in a wide range of literary magazines. She earned an MFA and PhD from Louisiana State University, knows how to brain-tan a deer hide, drives a stick-shift, and has eaten roadkill more than once.
Sam Paige Smith

Drawing, lithography, performance


"Grief & growth in tandem"

I'm fresh outta graduate school with an MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University. I'm coming to New Course with enthusiasm, hope, and a yearning to improve my studio practice. I plan to utilize my time in nature and mindfulness exercises. I need my mental and physical health to be just as important as my practice.

The bulk of my research is on post-traumatic growth.
Rozina Suliman
Brisbane, Australia

Theatre design, installation


Rozina Suliman is a theatre designer with a background in installation art, independent curating and arts administration. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art (2005) and a Bachelor of Production & Design from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (2017).

Previous theatre work includes set and costume design for The Talk and The Advisors (The Last Great Hunt), costume design for Coma Land (Black Swan State Theatre Company), Mangoes, earrings and a glimpse of hope, The Wedding, Skinless and Ad Infinitum (LINK Dance Company), The Threepenny Opera (WAAPA) and set design for Grease (St Hilda's Anglican College), Salon (Timothy Brown Choreography) The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty (Ballet Theatre of Queensland) Video Set, Cavill Ave, Slowdive, The Pitch and Hey Scenester! (Claire Marshall Choreography) and Journey (Connect 2 Productions).

Rozina worked as design assistant to Bryan Woltjen on A Flowering Tree (Opera Queensland) and Good Little Soldier (Ochre Contemporary Dance Company) and Bruce McKinven on Let the Right One In (Black Swan State Theatre Company).

She has also been part of the core creative team for the Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event & Closing Ceremony since 2017, co-designing and making the Auryx puppets in 2017 and designing and making set sculptures in 2018.
Megan Louise West
Brisbane, Australia

Performance, Design, Visual Art

"The Body as Preceptor"

a teacher or instructor.

I am an eclectic artist, who is drawn to the excitement of exploration and intuitive discovery. I bring a sense of play and a desire to collaborate and connect.

With training and experience in performance, theatre making, musical theatre, singing, dance, visual art and design, this whole art-making path is a full-bodied, mysterious, undulating journey.

I possess a particular fascination with the relationship between body and space, and in re-contextualising existing environments to create non-traditional venues, immersive experiences, and installation work. I’m driven by the desire to facilitate phenomenological engagement. I want you to feel present in your body and aware of your experience, through my work.

Additionally, I am interested in the ways performative interaction with architecture and environment can be employed as an unexpected and powerful tool in storytelling.

My recent sculptural work has been an investigation into the perception of light and the passing of time.

I am founding member of Aha Ensemble, an inclusive cohort, consisting of artists who experience/have experienced various kinds of disadvantage and/or disability. Our self-devised theatre piece 'Explain Normal' will premiere as part of Metro Arts Independent Program, in Brisbane, Australia, in October 2019.

I am exploring the notion of ‘Artistic Practice’ as a 24/7 way of perceiving and processing experience…and seeing what unfolds.

I have an inkling it will be transformative and bumpy and joyful and sublime. I’m certain that there will be dancing.

Let’s do this.
Sophia and Julia van der Putten
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dance, theatre, dramaturgy


Sophia and Julia van der Putten are sisters, both working in the field of performance, dance and theatre in Amsterdam and abroad.

Sophia (1992) is choreographer, performer and dance/theatre teacher. Julia (1994) is dramaturg. In 2019 they collaborate on the solo performance NOBODY, which will premier at Amsterdam Fringe Festival the same year.

During their residency at Arteles they continue their research for NOBODY. As well as establishing a healthy daily work practise on a collaborative and individual level.
Brian Patterson
Richmond, VA, USA

Video, film, writing


"I make "art" by pointing cameras at stuff and pushing buttons."

I'm interested in consciousness and the role "art" plays as an essential and universal language within it.
Jake Moss
Woodridge, Australia

Art, writing, Film

I create art in many forms such as plays, films, books and exhibitions, that balance comedy and drama while delivering a strong and important message on topics which an audience can relate. I'm also friends with Ice-T.
Corrie Hosking
Adelaide Hills, Australia

Literature, illustration, art therapy

"Clutch Feather, Draw Breath"

I am Corrie Hosking, Adelaide-Hills-Australian, raised and living over four decades riverside, round Stringybark forest—meeting lands of First People the Kaurna and Peramangk.

Now growing four children, we scrabble towards life-off-land. We work to restore a crumbling cottage and rejuvenate a property, removing invasive weeds, revegetating with indigenous plants, tending animals, vineyard, orchard, growing vegetables and flowers. Generations of my family have nurtured a love of land. In today’s world of environmental crisis, this inclination takes on a new urgency for us.

I work as a Paediatric Social Worker, drawing upon my life-long passion and prior study in The Arts. As a Child Therapist, I inspire (trauma-informed therapeutic) play for children with disability/difficulty, due to often unthinkable abuse. In this work, once safety is established, we start with the body, calming its physiological responses—its fire / flee / freeze. Still the body, inhabit it fully, to tell the story… For me, this work necessitates locating The Personal within a broader socio-cultural context. My ultimate interest in is the connection of multiple stories, highlighting ways constraints on human potential and creativity must be negotiated. My drive as a Social Worker and as a writer come from the same place: a zeal to probe political context and to emphasise the harm effected by inequalities—to honour the ways we strive to make meaning, regardless.

My earlier steps as an award-winning, published writer were stifled as I necessarily pursued paid work and deferred to family life. But over the years, I have found the compulsion to create is not easily restrained. Wearied, worried, worn and quite literally running from the complexity of work and parenting, I picked up paint. Watercolour bleeding, I hoped that focus on flowers might dissipate agitation, steady my wavering. Sketching feathers in ink, with illusions of air, I am returning to writing.
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