Spaces and interiors are designed to feed your creativity and are there to be used. The entire place can be seen as one big collaborative and everchanging art environment.
See the list of tools & equiment and what is available here

Designed to serve artists & creative professionals

The accommodation and studio spaces are designed to serve creative professionals. There are private rooms and larger rooms suitable for duos & small group accommodations.

You have 24/7 access to all common and work spaces.

Some accommodations have an integrated workspace, which can be suitable for sound, media or artists requiring less/more space. Some rooms are more secluded suitable for writers or researchers.
There are many surprising rooms and unique spaces to be discovered.
Bathrooms and many other spaces have been completely renewed in 2016.

Nexus 9000
Renovated with new amenities and inspiring decor and there are many inspiring rooms to be discovered. The main studio spaces are located in this building.

Timber house
The historical value and functional qualities of Timber, the older building built in 1897, has been restored with respect to its long traditions. Arteles office is also located here next to Timber's resident spaces.
Work outside and with nature's own materials. Read more here
The barn situated in the campus that is reserved for heavy materials and outside working.
Traditional wood stove sauna built on 1961. The sauna is a substantial part of Finnish culture - It functions as a spiritual experience and gives physical and mental relaxation. Short introduction to Finnish Sauna Traditions